Il Piccolo Cinema

© Luca Scaglione

Il Piccolo Cinema

The Società di mutuo soccorso cinematografico (mutual aid film society) – inspired by the nineteenth-century model of workers’ societies in the district of Barriera di Milano on the outskirts of the city – is a place of open discussion, an image laboratory and a studio of ideas that uses the cinema as an instrument to better understand the world: a new model of co-existence without hierarchies. It is also a small centre for storytelling through images and a platform for the promotion of independent production. Il Piccolo Cinema (The Little Cinema) is an "anti-school" for film, with no teachers and no students. The activities consist of film discourses (on documentaries, screenplays, editing, sound, make-up, web-doc), I Martedì del Piccolo Cinema (Tuesday film screenings, meetings with authors, retrospectives) and presentations of crowd-funding projects. Il Piccolo Cinema arose from the Antilocos cultural association.

© Gianluca de Serio

© Gianluca e Massimiliano de Serio

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Dialogue and mutual assistance via film, a place to live for all and for cultural production, education through collaborative learning (anti-school), independent filmmaking, crowd-funding, cinema, film forum


Artists and filmmakers, inhabitants of the neighbourhood and of the city, students


Domination of blockbuster film industry, lack of money for independent films, art losing touch with society, “star principle” in cultural industry, search for new collaborative working models


Gianluca De Serio
     Massimo De Serio

Roberta Di Mattia
Yukai Ebisuno
     Raffaella Mantegazza


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