We-Traders exhibition Berlin 04/07 to 17/08/2014
Events during the exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
Subject to change
Performative workshop + installation for the exhibition opening (in English)
Print the crisis on second-hand clothes with Elizaveta Barsegova & Vivian Kvitka and develop a performance for the closing event together.
Minimum attendance: 10 participants. More information on the workshop and registration at
Workshop at the exhibition opening
Screen print your own We-Traders fashion with RÜTLI-WEAR.
You are welcome to bring some clothes for printing!
Discover how we can harvest and produce food in the city ourselves and taste the city with Stadt macht satt.
Composting workshop
(for children and adults)
Create fresh gardening soil from garden and kitchen waste with Die BODEN SCHAFFT at the TonSteineGärten gardens.
Contribution: 10,00€ per person
Please register by sending an e-mail to Martina Kolarek (DIE BODEN SCHAFFT):
Presentation + discussion (in English)
Get to know architects as mediators with Artéria from Lisbon, and test how an investment ruin can become a public meeting place with the Campo de Cebada activists from Madrid .
Presentation + Discussion (in English)
Expand European networks with cultural professionals in networking sessions.
In cooperation with INSTITUTO CERVANTES
Pitching South Facebook Event
Mend and beautify broken things with Kunst-Stoffe Berlin at Repair Café.
Please register from 23.6. at Kunst-Stoffe Berlin – get more information here.
Presentation + Discussion
Swapping crisis for fair companies
Discuss the cooperative 2.0 as a business model of the future with Fairnopoly.
Information about the event
Please register by sending an e-mail to Marian Gutscher (Fairnopoly eG):
Performance + discussion
Explore correlations between work, production, money and wastefulness with space strategists from the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin.
Presentation + discussion (in English)
Learn how to create a political wall newspaper in Lisbon with O Espelho.
Cooking + workshop (for children and adults / in English and German)
Become a chef with Cozinha Popular da Mouraria from Lisbon and produce your own tableware with Alex Valder.
Please bring some ingredients for cooking together!
Please register by sending an e-mail to:
Cooking (for children and adults)
Make – and eat – crêpes in the mobile kitchen with Gartenstudio.
Supported by Dinner Exchange Berlin
Please register by sending an e-mail to Annabelle Dorn (Gartenstudio):
Workshop (for children and adults)
Create wallets and school utensils from old bicycle inner tubes with workstation ideenwerkstatt and HORTIS.
Please register by sending an e-mail to Kunst-Stoffe Berlin:
We-Traders Coffee Clash (in English)
Demand and promote public spaces with Kathrin Wildner / metroZones and activists from Cozinha Popular and O Espelho from Lisbon and taste cake from Maja's Deli.

Cozinha popular da Mouraria
Presentation + Discussion
Discuss about new We-Trade ideas with design students from the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft.
Presentation + discussion + barbecue (in English)
Share the barbecue grill and ideas with betahaus from Berlin, Toolbox Coworking from Turin and Berlin start-ups in Bethaien at the bet(h)a BBQ.
Please register in advance. Event Information and registration
Presentation + Discussion (in English)
Hold a crisis cabinet meeting for fictionalized policies with the Elii architects from Madrid.
We-Traders Coffee Clash
Discuss what ideas can be used to swap the crisis for city with the winners of the We-Traders Open Calls in Turin and Berlin and taste cake from Maja's Deli.
The Working Concert / Mode 1: Trading Room
In three days, vibraphonist and architectural theorist Christopher Dell joins with musicians from five European countries to develop The Working Concert: Following public rehearsals as a negotiating process within the ever "working” We-Traders exhibition, the city becomes the stage for improvisation as urban praxis.
More information about „The working concert“.
Christopher Dell (DE) vibraphone, concept, composition, musical director; Pierre Borel (FR) saxophone; Antonio Borghini (IT) double bass; Christian Lillinger (DE) drums; Lucia Martinez (ES) drums; Jonas Westergaard (DK) double bass
The Working Concert / Mode 2: City as Stage
Continuation from Mode 1 (see 23/07 + 24/07)
More information about „The working concert“.
We-Traders Coffee Clash
Discuss copyright, commons and community with Open Design City (ODC), Van Bo Le-Mentzel and other open designers, and taste cake from Maja's Deli.
Presentation + Discussion
Learn how to produce post-fossil mobility with Werkstatt Lastenrad.
Raumratschlag ("space advice”) + discussion
Ask how Berlin’s real estate policy is doing with the Initiative Stadt Neudenken.
Please register by sending an e-mail to:
Your fair company against the crisis
Learn how to create a cooperative 2.0 with Fairnopoly.
Event Information
Minimum attendance: 10 participants. Please register until 28 July by sending an e-mail to Marian Gutscher (Fairnopoly eG):
We-Traders Coffee Clash (in English)
Explore new models of cooperative residential building with Doris Kleilein (Bauwelt), AERA Habitat from Toulouse, Buena Vista Social Housing from Turin, Initiative Möckernkiez, the Spreefeld Genossenschaft with the Spreeacker and other Berlin initiatives and taste cake from Maja's Deli.
Mend and beautify broken things with Kunst-Stoffe Berlin at the Repair Café.
Please register. From end of july at Kunst-Stoffe Berlin – more information here.
Sharehaus Workshop 1
Eating + planning (for adolescents and adults)
Discover and invent new forms of sharing and urban community with Sharehaus while eating together, i.e. with Carrefour Culturel from Toulouse. Afterwards, the participants swarm out and collect video impressions, portraits and opinions in the neighbourhood.
Please register by sending an e-mail to Sharehaus:
We-Traders Coffee Clash
Discuss new forms of learning and schools with RÜTLI-WEAR and other school projects and taste cake from Maja's Deli.
Sharehaus Workshop 2
Workshop + eating (for adolesents and adults)
Edit the collected video and picture material, build a city value generator and write a live-blog and an open letter to the city and end the evening with a collective dinner and Sharehaus.
Presentation + Talk (in English)
Delve into the history of the Y-Table with The Anxious Prop.
We-Traders Wisdom & Wonder Exchange
Design Thinking Workshop (for 8 to 14-year-olds and full-grown designers)
Swap teaching for learning and build crisis vaporizers for Berlin with Rose Apple.
Please register by sending an e-mail to Rose Apple:
Closing event
* Cake by Maja's Deli
* Silk screening workshop with RÜTLI-WEAR. Feel free to bring your own clothes to print on!
* Presentation of results of the Sharehaus Werkstatt
* at 17:00 Performance with Elizaveta Barsegova & Vivian Kvitka and participants of the workshop “KRISE