Portuguese course in Salvador Bahia


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Intensive course: Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language

Since 2002 the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia, in addition to the German courses, has offered Portuguese courses for visitors.

Here in Salvador you can take advantage of the unique combination of intensive language courses, a vivid learning atmosphere and a focus on Brazilian culture:
Apart from the studying of Brazilian Portuguese in small groups under the guidance of a qualified teaching team, as a language and culture centre, the Goethe-Institut offers a perfect location for cultural exchange. You will meet Brazilian German teachers and can participate in many Bahian cultural activities offered at our institute.

Portuguese learners from various fields acknowledge our language courses for their high quality. Managers and diplomats as well as students of many educational levels visit our courses, and are greatly satisfied and convinced of the abilities of our well-educated Brazilian staff.

Furthermore, all of our language students have the opportunity to use our library and media facilities, take advantage of our cultural programming (including movies, theatre, live music etc) and visit the Berlim Café in the court yard of the institute for cozy meetings and conversation.

The extraordinary location of the Goethe-Institut close to Campo Grande allows our students to arrive quickly at the popular city beach in the next neighborhood, Barra, or at the old historical centre called Pelourinho. In order to make your visit as relaxing as possible, we will happily help you find and book an accommodation nearby to the institute.

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