Penalty box; Photo: Martin Fisch, via flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)



The fascination for football has never been so great and, in the truest sense of the phrase, knows no boundaries. That is why, with the arrival of the football World Cup, we are turning on the floodlights and illuminating football culture in Germany and China. More ...
    Cursive scripts, from top to bottom: the Latin beginner’s script, simplified beginner’s script and school beginner’s script have been the three alternatives of cursive scripts to learn after the basic blockletters in German primary schools . The German Primary Schoolteacher’s Union now wants to replace cursive script with Grundschrift, which is based on blockletter printing; Illustration: Anna Burck


    Print vs. Script

    The end of the cursive script?
      Simon Chau pioneered organic farming in Hong Kong and recently launched the city's first raw vegan restaurant; Photo: Loretta Ieng Tak Lou


      Hong Kong's vegan guru

      From “mad man” to pioneer of sustainable living
        Jerome Boateng and his daughter after the final game of the football world cup 2014 in Brasil; © ImagineChina

        Focus: Football

        German national team

        "We are family"
          Gao Nan with Jens Nowotny after the World Cup finale in 2014; Photo: Gao Nan

          World Cup Blog

          Ten Years

          What does ten years mean in the football world?