A world premiere: „Radio Savamala” made its voice heard!

30th March, 2013

Savamala-avamalas-vamalasa-amalasav malasava-alasavam-lasavama-asavamal-Savamala – e Equipped with their homemade antenna, Gingerensemble´s opening act of “Radio Savamala” performed their word play on “Savamala” on the street: supported by the choir “Svetonazori”, the sound-art ensemble led a street parade through Savamala from Kraljevića Marka 8 to KC Grad.

© Goethe-InstitutTV SymbolPicture Gallery Opening Act of Radio SAVAMALA

There, on a balcony, the radio antenna was fixed in a ceremonial act.

Supported by NOFM Radio, the first radio programme on Savamala was produced over a one week workshop “We do radio”, and also went live on the internet.

    Savamala Salon

    27th March, 2013

    Wednesday night Camenzind turned its editorial office in Kraljevica Marka 8 into a traditional salon space designed for an open and inviting discussion Salon for the first time for Robin the Fog's Belgradiophonics talk.

    © Goethe-InstitutTV SymbolPicture Gallery Salon Savamala

    The Salon was crowded with visitors of different ages and profiles as Robin played excerpts of the pieces created by workshop participants and passionately discussed the history of musique concrete.

    Recording were made during one week workshop together with London based radio producer and sound artist Robin the Fog with local artists, architects, art historians and radio journalists investing and documenting stories and different sounds in Savamala.

    Next up, Vladimir Milanović gave an overview of his ongoing Dorćol Sound Map and future Savamala Sound Map projects, and his current Radio work exploring conceptual cartography along the borders of Savamala.

    The pleasant evening in Kraljevica Marka 8 ended with long discussions among visitors and workshop participantns and small buffet hosted by Camenzind Belgrade.

    “The right people, the right mix”


    “The right people, the right mix”, those were the first responses to the official opening speeches of City architect, President of the Municipality, of the Project leader, and the curator. The first residents of Savamala joined the crowd to newly discover their quarter, the first visitors of the Spanish House entered for the first time in their lives the ruins which will accommodate the future pavillon. A long-time resident, born, raised and schooled opposite the Spanish House, will be eager to share his knowledge about his quarter, while president and members of owners´association of Crnogorska 5 which houses the new office for “raumlaborberlin” and “School of Urban Practices” approached both projects for their support: to help them find out about visions and demands and to conceptualize a new community space in the basement and inner courtyard.

    Robin the Fog, Nebojša Vasić © Goethe-InstitutTV SymbolPicutre Gallery Inauguration – launch of the Urban Incubator: Belgrade

    The media over the weekend beat the drum, journalists of the project´s media partners such as BLIC, Danas and Politika are covering the quarter´s new initiatives. The online communication of media Belgrade City Hall leads with news from the Urban Incubator and, thus, informs staff and members of the City assembly alike. The Southeast European webportal for arts and architecture, SEEcult, informs about the project while architecture journal “Arhitekton” already plans for April/May when the pavillon, a physical, sculptural statement as much as a metaphor for the re-vitalization of Savamala as “Phenix from the Ashes”, will be finished and actually visible. That´s the way some other international correspondents react: “Once the project is launched, the projects at work, and concrete results for the city quarter achieved, there is more to come!”

    In the meantime, huge banners, all in blue, cover the Spanish House´s facades – very visible from the prominent gateway to Belgrade, Branko`s Bridge. And posters and placards everywhere. All in blue.

      Inauguration – launch of the Urban Incubator: Belgrade

      Braće Krsmanović 2

      The official launch of the opening programme starts at 12 h in front of Spanish House. From 12.30h a culinary workshop and fish soup kitchen with Belgrade fish soup experts feel honoured to prepare a huge portion for our guests: prepared open air together with aspiring cook apprentices, served at the Spanish House only. Afterwards there are Urban Incubator walks – guided tours through old and new Savamala. The tours will discover hidden corners of the quarter, visit projects of Urban Incubator: Belgrade and meet with local heroes from the neighbourhood. The tours offer a first glimpse into the Urban Incubator: Belgrade dimensions – spatial, artistic, and social. The Music day with “Bicikl” begins at 17 h. The opening programme is rounded out with the opening party – URBAN INCUBATOR at KC Grad at 23 h.