Spring Poetry Rain

Bi-communal Literature project

Saturday, 26th May 2012 from 5.30 p.m.
Arasta / Ledra Street in Nicosia
Languages: Greek/Turkish/English
+357 99577006
“Nicosia is ONE city – Cyprus is ONE country!” is the topic of poems by poets from around the world, which will be raining from the sky over the still divided old town of Nicosia to be food for thought for the inhabitants and guests.

SPRING POETRY RAIN is being organized by the two greek- and turkish-cypriot bi-communal cultural organisations Ideogramma and Sidestreet and the representative office of the European Parliament in Cyprus. The Goethe-Institut Cyprus is associate partner of this bi-communalen and also international literature projects. Big balloons will drop more than 50.000 poems of poets from around the world and let them rain over the still divided old city of Nicosia. The poems will all deal with the topics: Different Nationalities – Many Ethnicities – One people – One Europe - One World – Same Future. At different locations on Ledra and Arasta Street poems will be recited loudly in public in the languages Greek, Turkish and English and bi-communal music bands will give performances.Information about the participating poets will be projected onto facades of houses in the area.

This project intends to help avoid the imminent permanent division of Nicosia and Cyprus and wants to advertise the peaceful living together of all people on the island.

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