Danielle Höfler

"My aim in MeetFactory is to expand the connections between Görlitz-Zgorzelec and Prague and to present hidden treasures."

Danielle Höfler is an artist and curator from Görlitz, Germany. She describes her approach to curating arts as a 'guerilla style', putting her focus on regional off-scenes. Her exhibitions have always presented a crossover of different artistic scopes and consisted of the mediation between the artists, repectively between artists, audience and local public across the borders.

A very important aspect to her is networking between the artists and showing the artistic possibilities of a region to people that have never been encouraged to be involved with culture.

Due to her research in the work of Ludwig Kunz – an editor of post-expressionist literature in the 1920's – Görlitz has reignited an interest in an internationally renowned son. After organising two exhibitions in which she presented the regional unofficial artistic scene in Görlitz and Zgorzelec ,Höfler started to network the scenes in the German-Polish border region of Upper Lusatia and Lower Silesia.


© Danielle Höfler


Resident at the MeetFactory

September to October 2014