L.A. Müller

L.A. Müller is a collective character. Sometimes it´s the average and in other times an intersection, it offers a temporary shelter for changing constellations in order to get closer to the own society from a different perspective For L.A. Müller it is a matter of different varieties of WE. WE, the group, WE the city, WE as society. WE as an antipode to whom? L.A. Müller extracts, visualizes and verbalizes the WE, disassembles it and reunites it, it strengthens and questions it by visualising and over scaling individual voices or by using techniques of fusion and collectivization and by doing this it continuously negotiates shudder and promise in an ambivalent category.

In Prague L.A.MÜLLER with his project On FEELINGS: Western/Eastern Spectre is engaged in European We-constructions with a transcendent phenomenon of hatred – an antisocial feeling that floods the social networks. Even though it seems to be an empty, often irrelevant and counterfactual feeling, it is part of the world and can only hardly be overcome by arguments. So we need to face the hatred!

The setting of Prague/Czech Republic is interesting for the use of case study, as there is an absence of refugees and a relative absence of Muslims and therefore there is a specifically “clean” form of hatred in a matter of speaking a laboratory situation. Hatred towards heterogeneity in a homogenous terrain. This draws attention to the strangely irrational and imaginary of hatred that is present without being tangible.

L.A.Müller challenges itself to offer hate-strategies that exhibit its abstract state on the one hand, but also return the strange virtual feeling and in this sense a emotionless feeling back to a tangible reality.



Hatred is in the air!

Hatred is spreading across borders – especially against Muslims and refugees – and it floods social networks. It seems as if this is done independently from actual circumstances: Neither the economic situation (e.g. in Austria or Bavaria) nor the degree of “cultural foreign infiltration” (e.g. in the Czech Republic or Saxony) can be used as resilient causes of hatred. It is a proxy battle. But it is also a hand to hand battle!

Hatred is resistant towards arguments. Hatred exists in the world. And even though it may be an empty, contra factual and – in its virtual variety – may be a chilly feeling, it is important to face hatred! In order to have a deeper look it is good to change the perspective. The scene of Prague/Czech Republic is interesting for a case study, as due to the absence of refugees and relative absence of Muslims, it shows a “clear” form of hatred, in a way a laboratory situation: Hatred towards heterogeneity in a homogenous terrain. This directs the attention to the strangely irrational, the virtual nature of hatred that is present without being able to grasp it – in the Czech Republic, in Germany, in Europe – any place where average people sit in their living rooms in front of their computers and pleasure themselves with hate.

With regard to the spectre called hatred, L.A. MÜLLER asks himself to offer hatred-strategies that not only examine an abstract state, but also return the strangely virtual and therefore emotionless feeling, back to a tangible reality. * Spectre can be found in the communist manifesto (A spectre is haunting Europe...) Western Spectre and are Eastern Spectre are different kinds of dragonflies!



Residents at the Goethe-Institut

April to June 2016