Prague Series 2011/12

During my stay in Prague in October 2011, I created several photo series that deal with architectural motives and situations. While searching for a photographic writing style, in which characteristic elements of the city inscribe themselves, I was interested in the architecture of the early 20th century, and especially cubistic buildings and buildings in the functionalistic style of architecture of the 1930s. They embody the atmosphere of change that was prevalent at the turn towards modernism and connect it with a specific language of forms I have never encountered anywhere else.

When seen in an isolated way, the details of cubist facades become sculptural formations of irritating spatiality and material presence.

trojdům I, 2 parts, 2011,1/5, Fine Art Print, Aludilite, 70 x 100 cm each

trojdům II, 2 parts, 2011,1/5, Fine Art Print, Aludilite, 70 x 100 cm each
neklanova I-IV,2011,1/5 , Fine Art Print, Aludilite, 70 x 100 cm each

Discovered while almost passing by, an unspectacular urban situation attracted my interest. In a display case which has become unusable and which belongs to the former artists’ house Manes, the magnificent turn-of-the-century buildings are reflecting in a double refraction like in a Chimaera and seem along traces of use like witnesses from another time. During a certain time of the day, the Vltava river reflects the light of the setting sun and turns the empty display case in a kind of stage room of visual sensations.

manes, 2011,1/5, Fine Art Print, Aludilite, 70 x 100 cm

Another focus of my work was the Baba-Settlement in Dejvice with its changeful history. Because of the openness and hospitality of several house-owners, I had the opportunity to experience contemporary history as individually experience history and directly experience the exceptional quality of the architecture.

The new photography series will first be presented in the art gallery in Fürth from June 29 to August 5, 2012. In October, there will be an exhibition about the architecture of the Baba-Settlement in the Heilig-Geist-Haus Nürnberg, the rooms of the office for international relations of the city of Nürnberg.

I would like to thank the Goethe-Institut Prague and the city of Nürnberg who have made possible this artist-in-residence-scholarship. With their content-related and logistic support, they have opened doors for me and contributed to the possibility to see and experience the city of Prague, off the beaten tourist tracks, in its contradictory beauty.

Sabine Richter, July 2012


    © Jutta Missbach

    Resident at the Goethe-Institut Prag

    September to October 2011