Claire Waffel
& Miriam Visaczki

In their work Miriam Visaczki and Claire Waffel explore the emergence and function of subjective and personal as well as abstract and historical memory.

In different ways Claire Waffel examines the (im-)possibility of tearing a moment out of the flow of time. She refers to parallels, discontinuities and links between space and time, past and present. In her work media like photography, video and audio, installations and pencil drawings become exploration instruments for detecting space and time.

Using documentaries, installations and photos Miriam Visaczki confronts subjective memories with objective historiography. Reports of witnesses, fiction and personal efforts of reconstruction are contrasted with historical artefacts and archive documents. Amongst other things Visaczki explores the German-Czech border region, home of her parents and grandparents, and in this way reconstructs collective memory through family history.

Between June and September 2009 Miriam Visaczki and Claire Waffel were working as residency artists of the Goethe-Institut Prague at the MeetFactory. In their project they concentrated on the history of Poběžovice, a village close to the German-Czech border, and its links to the history of their own families. The result of their three month residency was the installation Dancing with tears in my eyes.


© Claire Waffel & Miriam Visaczki


Residents at the MeetFactory

June to September 2009