MeetFactory – An International Art Platform in Prague

    MeetFactory, © MeetFactory

    The MeetFactory understands itself as a centre of international art and culture in Prague going beyond all borders of genres and cultures. Its work is based on close cooperation with cultural institutions from all around the world and aims at initiating an international dialogue in the field of contemporary art which until now has lacked appropriate platforms within the Czech Republic.

    The MeetFactory was founded in the empty premises of a former meat factory in the Prague quarter of Holešovice in 2001. But the ambitious project of creating a pulsating cultural centre in the middle of the Czech capital was dealt a death blow by the devastating floods of 2002. Five years ago the MeetFactory moved into a unique industrial site in the former working class district of Smíchov. On three floors there is enough space for exhibitions, concerts, parties, artist studios and flats, for sound studios as well as film screenings and theatre performances.

    Conceptionally the MeetFactory project is backed by outstanding figures from the Czech cultural scene, including artist David Černý, musician David Koller and director Alice Nellis.

    Every year and in close cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Prag and the Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin the MeetFactory offers four German artists in residence a space to work and live. Furthermore, artists from neighbouring Central and Eastern European states, the Netherlands, North America and the Czech Republic work in the studios of the MeetFactory on a regular basis.

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