Creative Ports

Goethe-Institut Tallinn


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    Creative Ports is an initiative of the Goethe-Institute in the Baltic Sea Region for the younger generation of cultural and creative entrepreneurs, which supports the development in different ways. More

    Creative Camp Concept

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    German and Estonian cultural and creative entrepreneurs share the difficulty of finding or building suitable markets for creative offering. Therefore the Goethe-Institut Estonia organized a brainstorming workshop. More

    Creative Camp Design

    Copyright: Goethe-Institut Helsinki

    As a cultural and creative entrepreneur being creative isn’t enough for success. At Creative Camp Helsinki contacts with other creatives were established and a variety of methods presented by professionals. More

    Creative Camp Film

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    Realizing a film, book or other creative goods means much more than just having an idea. At the Creative Camp creatives met with producers, regional film fund managers as well as experts for pitching and crowdfunding. More