Creative Camp Film, Tallinn 2014

Realizing a film, book or other creative goods means much more than just having an idea. Really important besides talent, the conviction and passion are the hard facts, a good structure and contacts.

Tallinn Black Nigths Film Festival in partnership with Goethe-Institut Creative Camp brought together creatives with producers, regional film fund managers as well as experts for pitching and crowdfunding from 24 to 28 November 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Pitching and cross-border stories

Together with Sibylle Kurz, a communication trainer, the participants worked on a pitch for their project, unimportant of the stage of development. A pitch is the moment to present your whole project: its structure, your passion about it and its development. Furthermore it means to find the right words, to let the people feel who you are and to convince with professionalism. The young filmmakers had the opportunity to pitch in the group and get feedback of how to improve their pitch.

A pitching session with Black Nights Film Festival, Fantastic Zagreb, Night Visions and Screen Division gave eight participants the opportunity not only to apply new skills but also to discuss their portfolio and ongoing work with attending industry professionals for future collaboration.

As the participants were from different regions and countries, they brought in their national stories with various themes, myths and motifs. Against this backdrop they brainstormed new stories that connect the countries and regions and developed the stories together with Maike Gosch, a storytelling consultant.

Film industry

In different panels, organized by the European Genre Forum, evolved discussions between professionals and creatives about how to overcome the divide between European film funding and genre films and what are the recent success stories. And at the other end what young filmmakers have to account for a successful festival and distribution release strategy.

As well were discussed the again changing role of film festivals as sites of creative industries joining the celebration of film art with a divers range of creative and business activities and less being sites of international business in production, sales and development of new talents and film.

Handling of financial aspects

Finances are often the less interesting part of creative projects; fortunately there are several ways and tools to manage. Sina Greinert and Clas Beese, working for the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, introduced crowdfounding as a popular way to gain access to finance and also to raise attention for a project. Nevertheless every project needs a business model to show its sustainability and help to communicate it to a broader audience. The Business Model Canvas of Alexander Osterwalder helps by brining together all essential elements in a scalable system and to compare options and alternatives. At the end the two not only prepared the creatives for setting up an effective campaign but also helped them to develop their own business models.

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