The participants are young creative minds, movers and shakers at the beginning of their entrepreneurial activity – individually or as a team. They are designers with a special interest in furniture or architecture, in clothing and accessories, product and graphic design as well as film, theatre, visual and audio design. Others are researches, contribute to the process as managers for art, culture and design or develop other people’s product ideas.

All of them have a story to share, about an unusual biography, a personal success or simply the love for their work. They are connected in striving to do something important and contribute to something larger than themselves. It is important that they work “out of the box” – apply their knowledge to other fields – and “take action” as entrepreneurs.

    Creative Camp Design

    Agata Nowotny / Lorens, Poland

    Agata Nowotny © Agata Nowotny Agata Nowotny - design researcher, educator and design consultant, specializes in research-led design processes. Represents Lorens - architectural and design studio founded in 2007 by Warsaw based design duo: Anna and Marek Lorens. The studio undertakes a wide range of projects in the designs of furniture, design objects, interior and architecture. Together they cooperate on the different occasions, as the Milan MOST Exhibition 2013 et al.

      Katarzyna Skórzyńska / kaaskas, Poland

      Katarzyna Skórzyńska. Photo: George Pawleta k a a s k a s is a Polish contemporary clothing and accessories brand established in Warsaw in 2014 as a continuation of the work of the young designer Kasia Skórzyńska. The brand focuses on creating modern silhouettes with clean lines enriched by playful prints, fabric manipulations and unexpected details.
      Kasia Skórzyńska received the Doskonalosc Mody 2013 Award from the magazine Twoj Styl for fashion debut of the year and won the 2013 OFF Fashion contest. She graduated from the fashion department of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in June 2014. During her studies she completed an internship with the Richard Nicoll Studio in London. In November 2013 she had a solo fashion show in Beijing at the Polish Culture Festival.

        Vytautas Gečas / vytautas gečas, Lithuania

        Vytautas Gečas © Goethe-Institut Helsinki Vytautas Gečas Design questions and analyses the object-in-itself, in a research based design process led by intuition and experimentation. Vytautas sees every object as an individual. The object becomes the subject, through identifying the essence and interpreting it into materiál outcome. Vytautas Gečas Design is outspoken about itself and the surrounding context.

          Baiba Linga-Berzina / Latvian Lights, Latvia

          Baiba Linga-Berzina © Goethe-Institut Helsinki Latvian Lights is a creative company in the world of product and graphic design, producing candles as souvenirs of Latvian culture. A candle can concretize thoughts about a ritual – a moment when time seems to stop and you dive into an event created by fire. The purpose is to create light in a creative way, with the candle as the original material. Latvian Lights uses ancient signs from Latvian folklore to transport form. These are functioning organisms that have a powerful influence on human consciousness. Geometric forms contrast with the plasticity of the material, thus resembling a dialogue between craftsmanship and design. The candle objects shapes are based on ancient Latvian signs, architectural symbols and images, always linked to light in terms of its creation and expressiveness. The candles can be used at special occasions – celebrations, holidays or just when you want to spend some time with yourself.

            Iina Vuorivirta / Vourivirta, Finland

            Iina Vuorivirta © Iina Vuorivirta Iina Vuorivirta is a 26-year old Finnish designer with a strong background in Arts and Crafts. She studied fine arts and product design in Finland before moving to Stockholm and continuing her studies at Beckmans College of Design. She graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in product design and has since worked actively with exhibitions and various collaborations in Scandinavia and overseas. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Konstfack University in Stockholm.
            Vuorivirta always works closely with the craftspeople. The presence of the process always plays the most important role in her work. She believes in unique aesthetics and the emotional charge that only the human hand and brain can give to an object. Vuorivirta was recently honoured as the Young Designer of the Year 2013 by Design Forum Finland and in August 2014 she was nominated for the Nova - Nordic Designer of the Year Award.

              Ksenia Gerts / Gerts, Russia

              Ksenia Gerts © Ksenia Gerts The Ural region became a launching pad for young designer Ksenia Gerts. It was here that she earned a degree and presented her first collection. In the summer 2013 she became a winner in the international youth fashion contest "Polovodie" and decided to move to St. Petersburg to be closer to the epicentre of Russian fashion events.
              Ksenia says that while working on the collections she most loves to think about the combinations of different textures. The mix of fabrics within the monochromatic colour scheme, as well as contrasting trim and edges, are a design signature of Ksenia Gerts’ apparel. The functionality of all apparel developed by Ksenia is very important for her: She is constantly improving her signature techniques, aiming to make the most comfortable designer clothes for a dynamic urban environment.

                Alexander Kanygin / AlexanderKanygin, Russia

                Alexander Kanygin © Goethe-Institut Helsinki I was born in Leningrad on April 19,1983. In 2001 I graduated from St. Petersburg Lyceum Restoration, Department of restoration. In 2007 I graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Architecture and Construction, Faculty of Architecture.
                From 2007 to 2009 I worked as an architect on conceptual projects. In 2009 I organized my own workshop for woodworking, where I work to this day. The basic idea of the workshop is to make design objects using workshop resources and my own craft skills. One aim is to design, develop and manufacture objects. The main material with which I work is wood. But also I work with plastic, metal and many others materials, including the by-products of my own processes. In my workshop I experiment with technology, develop prototypes of objects, and manufacture them.
                Now the main focus of my work is to adapt the stuff I do to serial production. Most of the works you can see and buy online at

                  Carl-Johan Nordin & Jonas Bard / Böfüms, Sweden

                  Carl-Johan Nordin © Carl-Johann Nordin Jonas Bard © Jonas Bard Böfüms is a Stockholm-based studio consisting of collaborating designers and art directors Jonas Bard, Mikael Klavius and Carl-Johan Nordin. Coming from various media backgrounds, we combine our skills and thoughts to develop visual and audio work. Our projects so far involve graphic design, film, typography and books, advertising and brand concepts. Our approach to design is led by research and theory, visualized through experiment, and aims to discover inventive solutions for each commission.

                    Iben Friis Sørensen / SILLEKNOTTE, Denmark

                    Iben Friis Sørensen © Iben Friis Sørensen The SILLEKNOTTE collection of leather accessories for men and women is designed and crafted by Iben Friis Sørensen out of her studio in Copenhagen’s Kødbyen – a busy centre of contemporary art and design in the Danish capital.
                    Each specially made piece draws on a rich tradition of leather craftsmanship. With its precise cuts and distinctive, detailed hand stitching, SILLEKNOTTE is also part of the lineage of innovation and skill in contemporary Danish design. But each piece is as much a result of instinct as it is of education or history.
                    Focusing on a clean and functional design, SILLEKNOTTE creates elegant and durable bags and accessories. And true to the heart of the design, all material used to make a SILLEKNOTTE work is specific: The hides come from cows in southern France, are sent to Italy for tanning and then carefully selected by Iben. The resulting leather is distinctive and durable, taking on the scuffs and memories of life with grace, their colour growing deeper in character, the red stitching more vibrant with time.
                    Each leatherwork is named after a friend or a family member of Iben’s and carries on the intimate spirit of its namesake. Like a friend, they age with you and stay by you, and maybe every once in a while need a little nurturing, too.

                      Veiko Liis / Taikonaut, Estonia

                      Veiko Liis © Veiko Liis The Estonian design company Taikonaut provides design service. If a client has a good idea and marketing skills, Taikonaut can help with product development – creating prototypes and technical drawings, finding the best solution for production, creating all visuals for marketing, etc. There are many success stories for products designed in Taikonaut. Our main values are sustainability, good price for production, new and innovative solutions. The art director and designer at Taikonaut is Veiko Liis.

                        Jonas Norheim / Morten & Jonas, Norway

                        Jonas Norheim. Photo: Montag Morten & Jonas is a design duo from Bergen, Norway. They have been working together since they graduated from Bergen Academy of art and design in May 2011. They design products, space and environments with a curious approach to shape, function and the human visual perception.

                          Creative Camp Film

                          Oskar Lehemaa / Estonia

                          Oskar Lehemaa © Goethe-Institut Tallinn During the last five years Oskar has worked as director and assistant director in the Estonian advertisement, film and television community. He has directed several successful Internet ad campaigns, like the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival and Qsurf viral campaigns, which have gathered over a million views online. Oskar is currently finishing his studies in the Baltic Film and Media School and is developing his short horror film “Karv” with the Estonian production house Kinosaurus Film. The short won “Best Short Film Project” Award at the Baltic Pitching Forum 2014.

                          Secret Society of Souptown, 2014, feature film
                          Promotional short films for Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival 2012, 2013
                          Festival trailer for Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival 2010
                          Kids Are Mean, 2009, short
                          Urmas and Ummi, 2008, short doc
                          Uncomfortable, 2008, short
                          Night Violin, 2008, short doc

                            Helen Lõhmus / Estonia

                            Helen Lõhmus © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Helen Lõhmus is Estonian producer and production & interior designer. She has extensively worked as set designer for both domestic and international productions in television and film. Most recently she served as a production manager for Russian Walt Disney Company for a high school drama Posle Shkoly/After School.

                            For The Whole Family, in development
                            Easy Life, 2013, 2014, TV show: 2 seasons (TV3)
                            After School, 2012, feature film (Walt Disney)
                            Pride of Estonia, since 2004 yearly, TV3 Gala shows
                            Tule, tule by Ines, 2012 music video
                            Dream Agency, 2010, 2011, TV show: 2 seasons (TV3)
                            Wine Mansion, 2010, TV show: 1 season (TV3)
                            Reality Star, 2009, feature film
                            Better than the Neighbor, 2006, 2008, TV show: 2 seasons (TV3)

                              Aik Karapetian / Latvia

                              Aik Karapetian © Goethe-Institut Tallinn After having received his MA degree in film directing from the Latvian Academy of Culture, Aik Karapetian went on to study at the Académie Internationale des Arts ESEC in Paris, from which he graduated in 2008 as a film director. Aik directed a production of the Latvian National Opera’s The Barber of Seville, which was awarded as Best New Production of the season. People Out There is Aik’s debut as director of a full-length feature film which was premiered in Karlovy Vary IFF 2012 competition. Second feature film “The Man In The Orange Jacket” had the world premier at Fantasia Film Festival and FantasticFest. At this moment he’s developing the psychological thriller “Firstborn”. Aik is in high demand as a TV commercial director.

                              The Man in the Orange Jacket/M.O.?, 2014, feature film
                              People Out There/Cilveki Tur, 2012, feature film
                              Disgust/Riebums, 2007, short
                              Lost, 2005, short

                                Seth Ickerman (Mr. Raphaël Hernandez & Mr. Savitri Joly-Gonfard) / France

                                Seth Ickerman © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard are two directors working under the pseudonym Seth Ickerman. They got noticed thanks to their film Kaydara, a “fan film” made with no budget on “The Matrix” universe and well known to be very close from the original films. Nowadays, Seth Ickerman has worked on many different projects as directors and graphic designers for renown brands such as LG, Ubisoft, Samsung, etc... and are planning on directing their first feature film for the cinema.

                                  Nevio Marasović / Croatia

                                  Nevio Marasović © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Nevio Marasović was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated film directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He made his first feature at the age of sixteen. In May 2008, he began filming his first professional feature film “The Show Must Go On”. The same year he made the successful TV series “Instructor” for RTL Television. In 2013, Marasović made his second feature-length, “Vis-A`-Vis”. “Vis-A`-Vis” was proclaimed one of the top five best European films of 2013 by film portal “Cineuropa” and was screened at numerous film festivals around the world, winning many awards.

                                  Filmography (selected)
                                  Vis-À-Vis, feature, 2013, feature film
                                  Instructor, 2011, TV show: 13 episodes
                                  The Show Must Go On, 2010, feature film

                                    Vanja Vascarac / Croatia

                                    Vanja Vascarac © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Vanja Vascarac is a Croatian filmmaker, educated in The United States (Savannah College of Art & Design, BFA in Film). He directed a number of shorts and his feature documentary on house music Papaya Make Some Noise (2013) has garnered awards and has been travelling the festival circuit in 2014. Keeping himself busy, he directed over 60 music videos (often served as both director&DOP), a bunch of Fashion films and has directed commercial spots for T-mobile, Vodafone, Societe General and Sony Asia Pacific.

                                    Filmography (selected)
                                    Papaya Make Some Noise, 2014, feature doc
                                    Carver is Dead, 2012, short
                                    Insomniac, 2002, short

                                      Ceylan Beyoğlu / Germany

                                      Ceylan Beyoğlu © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Born in Turkey, Ceylan Beyoğlu studied Architectural Restoration in Istanbul and graduated from The University of Applied Arts in Vienna in Product Design. Since then, Beyoğlu has been working as a designer and an illustrator in Hamburg. With her concept for an animated series Kling-Klang, she participated in the Academy for Children’s Media 2012/13 in Erfurt, Germany. In 2014 she established an independent animation studio Storykid Studio at The Young Producers’ House in Studio Hamburg. The animated short Piko Piccolo in the Jazz-City is her first film, for which she has become a production support from Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

                                        Karolis Kaupinis / Lithuania

                                        Karolis Kaupinis © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, Karolis Kaupinis graduated from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University in 2012 and has been working as a journalist and developing his first short film ever since. Produced in 2014, The Noisemaker won the European Short Pitch Award, was selected to Locarno Pardi di Domani competition in 2014 and won the Best Baltic Short award in Riga international film festival “2ANNAS” this autumn.

                                        The Noisemaker, 2014, short fiction
                                        Idea for Corcovado Borealis, 2013, experimental video
                                        Mission Siberia, 2012, doc
                                        The Willow Tree, 2011, short doc
                                        Waiting for freedom or Smile to us, Mr. Berlin, 2010, doc

                                          Tobias Boesen / Denmark

                                          Tobias Boesen © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Tobias Boesen graduated with a BFA in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop in Denmark in 2010. His graduation film “Out Of A Forest” won multiple international awards and sparked his interest in directing. Since then he has been studying film directing at the independent Danish film school Super16 while working freelance in the cross-filed between live-action, animation and artwork, both commercial and fictional.

                                          Flyvere I Natten, 2014, short
                                          Et Dukkehjem, 2013, short
                                          Touch Of Magic, 2012, short
                                          Ghost, 2011, short

                                            Jan-Gerrit Seyler / Germany

                                            Jan-Gerrit Seyler © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Jan-Gerrit Seyler committed to visual as well as performing arts since childhood. He has taken part in a whole number of short film projects in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg (GER) and Denmark within the last ten years, including camera and directing work, sound, editing, lighting technician, assistant director, production manager and actor. With HANDCAP he made his first short film in 2007/08 as writer and director. In 2008/09 he studied film at the European Film College, where he graduated with his final project Camille. He did postgraduate film studies in directing at the Hamburg Media School where he graduated in 2012 with Still got lives.

                                            Filmography (selected)
                                            Still Got Lives, 2013, multi award winning short
                                            Möhrchen, 2012, short doc
                                            Cowboys and Indians, 2011, multi award winning short
                                            The Philatelist, 2011, multi award winning short
                                            Camille, 2009, short
                                            The Empire Of The Commune, 2009, short doc
                                            Handycap, 2007, short

                                              Kira Richards / Denmark

                                              Kira Richards © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Kira Richards Hansen has a BA in Film Production from The Arts University College at Bournemouth, UK and in 2011 she graduated University of Copenhagen with Cand. Mag. in Film Studies. She has directed and written award winning short films. Hansen lived and worked in London from 1992 to 2002 and has in the past worked as an installation- and performance artist, also worked in the fashion and advertising industries.

                                              Hot Ice, 2014 in development, film, (Danish Film Institute)
                                              Genkendelsen/Recognition, 2014, short (Danish Directors, Film Workshop / DFI Fire Lane Pictures, In Post)
                                              Rodløs/ Wayward, 2014, short (Gammeltoft Aps , DK, New Danish Screen , DFI. ‘Best Nordic Short Film Award’ at Nordic Panorama 2014)
                                              Fucking tøs/Damn Girl, 2013, short (Film Workshop / DFI , Fire Lane Pictures, DK, won 9 Festivals awards incl. ‘Best short film’ at BUFF 2013)
                                              En Gang / A long time ago, 2012, music video (Long Beach Flat Wheels, Fire Lane Motion Pictures , DK)

                                                Nynne Selin Eidnes / Denmark

                                                Nynne Selin Eidnes © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Nynne Selin Eidnes entered the Danish film Industry in 1995. She has worked in all fields of production, in PR, as an editor, post producer and technical director before moving on to line producing and producing in 2006. She is one of the founders of the independent film school in Denmark: Super16. In 2010 she started First Lady Film, a Copenhagen based Production Company that focuses on fantastic films for a young audience. Her latest film Growing Pains won National Grand Prix at OFF in 2014.

                                                Producer First Lady Film:
                                                Minna & The Dream Builders, development, animated feature
                                                Growing Pains, 2014, animated short
                                                Nordic Factory – 4 films for Director’s Fortnight, 2014, (LineProducer)
                                                Me, Myself & Martin Laursen, 2012, doc
                                                The Island of Lucifer, 2012, doc /co-producer
                                                Producer Nice Ninja:
                                                The Shadow Animal, 2013, animated short
                                                Marco Macaco, 2012, CG animated feature /app
                                                Will Bot, Friend or Foe, 2011, animated short
                                                Producer SF Film Production:
                                                Mighty Machines, 2010, TV series/DVD/app
                                                Facing Changes, co-producer

                                                  Maksim Poplavsky / Russia

                                                  Maksim Poplavsky © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Maxim Poplavsky is a producer in a ‘keenvisuals’ studio, in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2014 he received his Masters degree in Mathematics and Mechanics from St. Petersburg State University. During his time at the university he took the course CinemaAlgs. Nuke & Mathematical methods of VFX, and also theatre acting courses. In 2012 Maxim started working in ‘keenvisuals’ as a CGartist, and became a producer in 2013. As a video producer, he has taken part in over than 20 projects and given a few lectures on the cinematography history and dramaturgy for schoolchildren. Now he is working on a few projects (including nonprofit ones) and developing a program for optimal planning of video production process.

                                                  Iamthemorning - Os Lunatum, 2014, (second camera)
                                                  The Stir (Переполох) by Aleksandr Oksas, 2014, (colour correction)
                                                  Bingo Project Dancing Group Promo, 2014 (producing, cut, VFX, colour correction)
                                         commercials, 2014, (producing, cut, VFX)
                                                  Tundra airplane commercials, 2013, (second camera)
                                                  Clampic classic commercials, 2013, (producing, VFX)
                                                  ArcchiDo design projects commercials, 2013, (second camera, cut)
                                                  A2 music club commercials, 2012, (VFX)
                                                  Landscape Museum 2012 teaser, 2012, (Co-producing, VFX)

                                                    Elena Klepatskaya / Russia

                                                    Elena Klepatskaya © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Elena Klepatskaya was born in St.Peterbsurg, Russia. She studied English Language and Literature at the St.Petersburg University, then has completed an MBA degree with an international business school. After the graduation she has worked for Steelcase Intl. Initially employed in St. Petersburg, she, then, led the project in the corporate headquarters in Strasbourg, France. In 2005, she returned to Russia and worked as an assistant to producer and as a producer at different animation studios. Since December 2012, she studies film directing at Bakur Bakuradze and Nicholay Khomeriki’s Lab at the Moscow School of New Cinema.

                                                    The Maid, 2014, thesis film (writer, producer and director)
                                                    SURFACE, 2013 video for Educational exhibition project on the
                                                    issue of autism (St.Petersburg, Loft Project ETAGI)

                                                      Eini Carina Grønvold / Denmark

                                                      Eini Carina Grønvold © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Eini Carina Grønvold is a freelance screenwriter, based in Copenhagen. Born 1987 in Tel Aviv to a Danish mother and an Israeli father. Began writing short films in 2008. Graduated from The Independent Film School Super16 in 2014. Was in 2014 elected ”Best New Talent” by The Danish Playwright and Screenwriters’ Guild. She is also a political activist and has written several publicized essays on topics concerning gender, sexuality and culture.

                                                      Hipstorama, 2013, webisode-pilot
                                                      Lækre til vi dør, 2013, short
                                                      Daimi, 2012, short
                                                      14 a°r og to nætter, 2011, short
                                                      Engle og Fugle, 2008, short

                                                        Tea Korolija / Croatia

                                                        Tea Korolija © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Tea Korolija graduated from Belgrade University of Dramatic Arts in 1999, where she studied Film and TV Production and produced 9 short films. From 1998 to 2000 she worked as the Head of Production in Studio 4 production house in Belgrade. In the past 10 years Tea has produced more than 750 commercials. In 2003 she founded Le Spot Productions and is now the Managing Director of the company. Le Spot is positioned as the leader regarding both quality and quantity in production of TV commercials both in the local and the regional market.

                                                        Class 2011, 2011, TV show: 16 episodes (Strix TV format, Croatian National Broadcast)
                                                        Venuto al Mondo, 2011, feature film
                                                        Letters, letters..., 2010, children TV show: 20 episodes (Serbian National Broadcaster)

                                                          Creative Camp Concept

                                                          Reet Aus / Ausdesign, Tallinn

                                                          Reet Aus © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Reet Aus is a fashion, theatre and film designer, Ph.D. Together with her research team she presents her ‘Trash to Trend’ brand as the first industrial upcycler in the world. The aim is to share design globally and find and use leftover textile materials locally. The platform provides a way to extend the life of textile leftovers by bringing them back into the production cycle. The result is upcycled garments with minimal environmental impact and a transparent production cycle that still allows for serial production.

                                                            Sebastian Fleiter / Atelier Fleiter, The Electric Hotel, Kassel

                                                            Sebastian Fleiter © Goethe-Institut Tallinn The Electric Hotel is an Airstream trailer turned into a mobile power station that – using renewable energy – provides electrical power on site for visitors to events of all types. It is the brainchild of media artist Sebastian Fleiter, who also sees the trailer as an innovative carrier of advertising, culture and information.

                                                              Henri Laupmaa / Hooandja, Tallinn

                                                              Henri Laupmaa © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Henri Laupmaa is an IT-entrepreneur and an active community builder. Henri has studied management and international relations for five years followed by study of design in the Art Academy. He has contributed to the IT-solution of Let’s Do It world clean-up project, is one of the founders of the first Estonian crowd-funding platform ‘Hooandja’ and is part of the organizing team of TedX in Estonia. From 2010 he started developing open-source web software for grassroots organizations called Community Tools.

                                                                Björn Hansen / Morgenwelt, Hamburg

                                                                Björn Hansen © Goethe-Institut Tallinn The diverse projects, events, programs and consulting skills of Morgenwelt have one aim: to boost sustainable development and provide concrete game plans for any town, any business and any individual that wants to start down the road towards a sustainable future. Morgenwelt has set the goal of turning the northern German city of Elmshorn (near Hamburg), with approximately 50,000 inhabitants, and the surrounding communities (Public Utilities Network Elmshorn) into a model region for sustainable development over the coming years. The current emphasis is on renewable energies, energy efficiency and participation. The first focus of this activities is education – the basic prerequisite and catalyst for a society that is ready for the future.

                                                                  Stefan Hölldobler / die fabric, Leipzig

                                                                  Stefan Hölldobler © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Innovative design objects instead of faceless mass production. Communication instead of concealment. Furniture produced by “die fabrik” tells the story of its origin. Stefan Hölldobler and his team develop and produce these objects using recycled materials. This results in unique objects with an individual character. All production steps, from prototypes to serial production, are carried out at “die fabrik,” in order to ensure that finished products reflect the principles of sustainability, recycling and upcycling.

                                                                    Monika Järg / Tekstiil Ruumis, Tallinn

                                                                    Monika Järg © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Monika Järg is an experienced designer, entrepreneur and lecturer and has MA of Arts from Estonian Academy of Arts textile design department. Monika has participated and initiated many exhibitions and projects in Estonia and abroad, both art and design orientated since 2000. Her interior textile studio ‘Tekstiil Ruumis’ has been running since 2002. She is one of the design management mentors in Estonian Design Center project Disainibuldooser.

                                                                      Dunja Karabaic / bureau gruen, Cologne

                                                                      Dunja Karabaic © Goethe-Institut Tallinn In 2008, with her degree in “Visual Communications” from Hamburg University of Fine Arts in hand and the ideals of environmental protection as always close to her heart, Dunja Karabaic founded the “bureau gruen.” Thanks to an abundance of organizational talent, communications skills and enjoyment of networking – not to mention a wealth of good ideas – an innovative business model was born. Ecology, economy, social responsibility and strengthening of cultural diversity are the unifying themes that link all of this firm's activities. From the very start, a main objective was to promote and highlight the creative side of the sustainability theme. Dunja Karabaic has signed the Alliance for German Designers (AGD) Charta for Sustainable Design and is on the board of Association of Sustainable Businesses, "dasselbe in grün”. Since December 2011 she has also been active in the steering group “Fairtrade Town” Cologne.

                                                                        Daniel Kerber / morethanshelters, Berlin

                                                                        Daniel Kerber © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Daniel Kerber is the founder of “morethanshelters”. For more than 15 years his work has put him on the cutting edge between architecture, design and art. For more than a decade, he also has dedicated his skills as researcher and manager to "informal architecture" in crisis zones. As Executive Director of “morethanshelters” he has been able to bring the results of his research and management experience to bear in lightweight construction projects.

                                                                          Marina May / Goethe-Institut, Munich

                                                                          Marina May © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Marina May received her degrees in Film Studies, Communications and Business Studies and is presently finishing her doctorate. She worked from 2008 until 2011 in the programming department of the Goethe-Institut Hanoi and was project manager of the Germany Year in Vietnam. Since 2012 she is project manager in the Culture and Development Section at the Goethe-Institut head office.

                                                                            Ettie Mikita / OÜ Derelict, Tallinn

                                                                            Ettie Mikita © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Ettie Mikita is a marketing and management professional with international background in artist and fashion brand management in Italy, France and Belgium. Ettie has studied International Business Administration in various European universities i.e. ESCE in Paris, Bocconi in Milan and EBS in Estonia. She is the CEO of Derelict Furniture – a team of interior and product designers that craves value from old and worn wood into new design furniture reaching another level of recycle to be promoted in global society- making trash into really fashionable and high-quality design.

                                                                              Kärt Ojavee / Ko!, Tallinn

                                                                              Kärt Ojavee © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Kärt Ojavee, the creative heart of KO! has been working on future concepts of textiles since 2005. KO! is developing dynamical textiles and interior accessories. In these products, traditional textile making techniques are combined with innovative technologies and witty inventions. KO! creation - the prints, shapes, electronics, seams and magic - is designed, produced and fabricated in Estonia in collaboration with engineers and geeks who have teamed up with KO!. The soft electronics and tiny PCBs are uniquely designed, developed and tested at KO! studio and are also known by the term Magic.

                                                                                Daniel Stoevesandt / Goethe-Institut, Munich

                                                                                Daniel Stoevesandt © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Daniel Stoevesandt studied Middle Eastern Culture, Public Law and Political Sciences in Jena, Cairo and Gießen. During his studies he worked as a research fellow for the German Altana foundation. 2006 he started working for the Goethe-Institut on different positions in Cairo, 2009 – 13 as director of Goethe-Institut Alexandria and from 2013 on in the Strategy and Evaluation department in the head office.

                                                                                  Helen Unt / Creative Estonia, Tallinn

                                                                                  Helen Unt © Goethe-Institut Tallinn Helen Unt is a marketing and PR professional, currently organizing the communication for Creative Estonia - linking the creative talent to entrepreneurship. Helen is responsible for raising the awareness about the opportunities in creative economy within the industry and beyond, taking care of newsfeeds, newsletters, social media and event marketing.

                                                                                    Anu-Mall Naarits / Marketingi Instituut, Tallinn

                                                                                    Anu-Mall Naarits © Anu-Mall Naarits Anu-Mall Naarits is the Director of Marketingi Instituut, a training and consulting company that is focused on developing and conducting training programs in sales and marketing, logistics and purchasing, export and entrepreneurship. Anu has been managing marketing teams in Estonian biggest companies in the field of financial services, telecom and fashion. She has graduated from the Stockholm School of Business.