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Community Tourism in the Amazon

Community Tourism in the Amazon

In Tapajós-Arapiuns, an Amazon region in the north of Brazil, a private initiative works towards making tourism a conscientious and sustainable practice in defense of the environment and local cultures.

Dinael Cardoso dos Anjos is a Brazilian with a wide smile and erect posture. Ever since he was 12 years old, he has devoted all his energies to social-environmental issues with unbreakable perseverance. He was born in Santarém in the state of Pará, directly neighbouring the region Tapajós-Arapiuns, which is therefore especially important to him.

An important figure in local leadership, Dinael Cardoso dos Anjos is a member of the Indigenous Council Tapajós-Arapiuns (CITA). He was also one of the promoters and leading figures in the creation of the Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve, of which he is currently one of the managers. The forest reserve is a conservation area and is used sustainably, and it spans an area of 690,000 hectares. 4600 families are living here in 75 communities, with an estimated population of 19,000 people.

This Conservation Unit – in which the residents participate in the decisions concerning their futures – is an exemplary alternative model of a sustainably-used forest. Unfortunately, this piece of preserved nature remains increasingly isolated in the face of deforestation, illegal subdivisions of land and the accelerating spread of monocultures in the region.

Dinael Cardoso dos Anjos’ most recent endeavour is a project to establish sustainable tourism in the region, working with the local communities. Our short film follows him in his undertaking and documents in an exemplary manner the work of those who are defending the natural heritage of the Amazon region.

  • A tree common to the region © Pedro Barbosa

  • Sunset at Rio Arapiuns © Pedro Barbosa

  • Children that live by the river © Pedro Barbosa

  • Local children bathing with tourists in the river Tapajós © Pedro Barbosa

  • Dinael dos Anjos © Pedro Barbosa

  • The horizon over Rio Arapiuns © Pedro Barbosa

  • Dinael dos Anjos and tourist Lu Grecco © Pedro Barbosa

  • Community-based tourism, too, lets its guests relax. © Pedro Barbosa

  • The river Maro © Pedro Barbosa

  • A wooden landing stage at the river bank © Pedro Barbosa

  • The clouds above river offer an impressive spectacle. © Pedro Barbosa

  • The calm waters are perfect for swimming. © Pedro Barbosa

  • The giant Samaumeira in the Floresta Nacional do Tapajós: for locals it is a holy tree. © Pedro Barbosa

  • Dinael dos Anjos and his team © Pedro Barbosa

  • Tourists taking a trip on the river © Pedro Barbosa


    October 2015
    Brazil, Tapajós Arapiuns Extractive Reserve, Pará


    Pedro Barbosa
    Pedro Barbosa is an audiovisual director and biologist. Besides conducting socio-environmental research and projects, he has recorded images and testimonies on camera for years, hoping to delve into the essence of peoples, cultures and landscapes.

    Translated by

    Sara Hanaburgh


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    The photos are not. Their copyright lies with Pedro Barbosa. Contact us for redistribution.


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