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Time only

© Bildausschnitt aus Video #180sec Brüssel: Time Bank (Mit-Urheber: Goethe-Institut Brüssel, Licence: coming soon)

Time only

“Time is money” – what if that really were the case? And we had to pay with our time?

Laura shows us how it works – she teaches Emilie how to make healthy juices and learns how to use image editing software from Sébastian. She does not spend or receive any money but instead uses her time only. The transaction is conducted via Timebank CC, the first of its kind in Brussels. The vision of its founder Margaux is to make time a common good that can be distributed in line with individual requirements.

A short story from the #180sec project, a joint production between the Goethe-Institut and the ‘Deutsche Journalistenschule’ school of journalism.


    July 2016
    Belgium, Brussels
    Timebank BXL on facebook


    Basile Beauvois and
    Mathias Ruttens founded Citizen Motion, a production and media company that focuses on increasing the global awareness of citizens about the key issues of our age.


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