Andrzej Chlopecki († 2012), Polanden

Andrzej Chlopecki A musicologist, theoretician, music critic, journalist and animator of music life, Andrzej Chłopecki held a PhD in music, and was a senior lecturer at Katowice Music Academy, where he lectured on history, literature and aesthetics of the twentieth - and twenty-first-century music. He also worked as a lecturer at the Institute of Literary Studies of Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Warsaw, and was a Polish Radio host (1975-1981 and since 1991).

Andrzej Chłopecki programed the Polish Radio’s participation in the UNESCO International Composers Rostrum in Paris. He headed the Foundation of Warsaw Autumn Friends and the Editorial Council of Polish Audiovisual Editions. A member of the Repertoire Committee of ‘Warsaw Autumn’ and the Editorial Committee of MusikTexte and Zeitschrift für Neue Musik, Andrzej Chłopecki was also active in Polish Composers Union.

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