Gyula Fekete, Hungary

Gyula Fekete Gyula Fekete counts as one of the most successful composers of his generation. He graduated in 1989 at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. He obtained his master’s degree and later his doctorate in Chicago and Evanston (Illinois) and completed his studies in master classes and in his private life as well, in addition he learned to sing and play the piano. He currently teaches composition at the Budapest Academy of Music and is a member of the board of directors of the Hungarian Composers’ Association.

Oliver A. Lang pays the following tribute to Gyula Feketa in the columns of the Kronen Zeitung: “Diversity and a declared eclecticism characterise the music of Gyula Fekete, belcanto turns encounter sounds of everyday life, cembalo music the pop of a paper bag,” and Mária Albert, critic of the Hungarian daily newspaper Magyar Hírlap, writes about him: “The composer develops his particular strength in vocal qualities though he also makes skilful use of dramatic potential.”

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