The Product

Animals are very close to us. They live with us, they help us, they work in diverse fields such as agriculture, traffic, nursing care or in the entertainment industry. They inhabit our cities, forests or live in our homes. In spite of all that, the Western European modernity often puts animals and humans into opposition due to the fact that, supposedly, only humans are in possession of a language, consciousness and social forms of behaviour, which differentiates them from animals. The modern man conceives of himself as being in opposition to nature. He claims an exclusive position among other life forms on earth. Perhaps, it is not enough only to talk "about" animals. Maybe we should talk "to" animals and try to find the space where their answers can be heard.

This thematic space documents the trilogy "Why Talk to Animals" created by Mobile Academy Berlin. Its first part, which opened up the discourse, was the conference "Portraying Animals" at the National Gallery in Prague. The second part was a live event in Pilsen, the first European Capital of Culture and Nature. It consisted in a presentation of 19 human-animal pairs in a photographic arena which was analysed by 3 scientists and accompanied by a programme of film screenings. The last part of the project is a product: an unusual wallpaper featuring photos on a ten-metre wide picture screen.

The thematic space offers a video recording from the conference, photos, films and the wallpaper.