The Shooting

Trilogy of Events by Mobile Academy Berlin
for the First NatureCultural Capital of Europe Pilsen 2015

Why Talk to Animals
24 September 2015
Pilsen DEPO2015
departure: 15.30 pm , Prag 1 – Vítězná
return: 22:30 pm, DEPO2015
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One day on interspecies relationships between humans and animals.
In the ARENA, in the LABORATORY, on the RADIO and in FILM.

Appearing in the arena will be animals that live with us at home or that are kept in the yard or in zoos or that are working in therapy or the entertainment industry. They will come accompanied by their long-time friends, work colleagues, managers, clients, shepherds, breeders, benefactors and trainers. Czech human-animal pairs will be photographed and, depending on the resulting photos, candidates for a future Noah’s Arc will be chosen. In the laboratory, six scientists will observe, analyse, and comment both on the live performance of the animals as well as the performance of animals on film – films, ranging from the avant-garde to the mainstream, will be shown on a number of screens.

Why Talk to Animals is a theatre experiment open to the public. It deals with our day-to-day experience and our knowledge and lack of knowledge of animals.

For the first time ANIMALS, SCIENCE AND CINEMATIC ART come together in one location!

All interviews, commentary and sounds taking place in parallel will be interpreted simultaneously into Czech, English and Animal via ten radio channels.

For the first time and exclusively in Pilsen!

Mobile Academy Berlin
Mobile Academy Berlin (Mobile Akademie Berlin) stages productions and knowledge events. Together with scientists, theoreticians and artists, it prepares performances and installations, organises international academies and creates educational films and theatre formats for the purpose of intermediating knowledge. The project that it is best known for is the Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge.

Why Talk to Animals

The Protagonists
Lina the iguana with her roommate, painter Libor Balák. Lina is shy and scared of people, but she eats right out of Libor’s hand. / Winnie is an actor. This fox works with famous directors, such as Lars von Trier. Winnie and her trainer and agent, Ota Bareš, and her colleague, a raven named Charlie. / Expected to arrive with a swarm of honeybees is drug therapist Jiří Cafourek. / Assistance dog trainer Zuzana Daušová with her guide mini horse, the mare Katrijn Van der Meier. Katrijn likes to travel by car and metro. / Not with one but three terriers appear the arts patron and dedicated animal lover Meda Mladková with the politician and museum director Jiří Pospíšil. / Pipka the hen was bullied by the other hens and almost ended up as soup. Today she lives with teacher Tereza Porubová. / Pinky is an empathetic and smart domesticated pig that was great support for Lucie Sujová in her time of need. / Actor Václav Vydra and his two Czech warmblood horses who live freely – without horseshoes, saddle and reins – on his farm. / Artist Jana Kasalová accompanied by a turtle. / Writer Petra Soukupová met her boxer Pula over the internet eight years ago.

Other guests are also expected in the arena: Adéla, a barn owl; Božena, a royal python; Evžen, an eagle-owl, Sofie, a steppe eagle; a Siamese crocodile; and others.

Why Talk to Animals

The project comprises of three parts: the conference, the shooting and the product. The “Portraying Animals” conference was held at the National Gallery in Prague in May 2015. It focused on the artistic depiction of animals. The photos from the photoshoot will be used to create small souvenirs that will then be sold as part of the third part of the project in pop-up shops.

First European Capital of Culture and Nature

European Capital of Culture is an initiative of the European Union that has already existed for 30 years. Its objective is to support cultural heritage and cultural life in the city. Nature is a subject that has usually been on the side lines. The Why Talk to Animals project would like to change that. Pilsen is to become perhaps the first ever NatureCultural Capital of Europe.

Free entry! Children and animals cordially welcome. DEPO2015 grounds, Presslova 14, Pilsen 3, on Thursday, 24 September 2015 anytime from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.