Conferences and debates

Welcome to the Future of Education project!

The initiative will bring together experts from different Central European countries to discuss some of the urgent issues in the field of education. As these societies generally face similar problems and challenges, the project has the aim to provide a forum for the discussion of possible solutions and the exchange of experience.

The foundations for the debate had already been laid by the Future of Education project in the year 2011. An analysis of the main challenges, along with exemplary solutions from Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Hungary, involving specialized journalists from the participating countries and education researchers, was used to identify the key issues. This included topics as diverse as the social permeability of the school system, the internationalization of higher education and successful professional training up to questions around multilingualism. The contributions and a summary of the final conference in Prague can be viewed in the section Conference 2011 on this website.

Some of the topics will be deepened in the current year. Each Goethe Institute in one of the participating countries will choose a particular focus. In the Czech Republic, for example, the focus will be on corruption and the question of how schools, by teaching values in the classroom, can effectively intervene. Posts around this and other topics, alongside a detailed documentation of the debates, are available in this section.

    The Future of Education is an initiative of the Goethe Institutes in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia and Lithuania.