Learning German in Bremen

What our course participants say

Ahmed Khalifa (29) from Libya (engineer)
Ahmed Khalifa"I had the opportunity to learn German at the Goethe-Institut Bremen for 10 months while experiencing and enjoying the culture, history and art of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. With this harmonious combination, the immersion in the language and culture, a dream came true for me."

Paul Tuda (27) from Kenya (marine biologist)
Paul Tuda"What made me fall in love with the language course in Bremen is that the tutor understood the difficulty that some of us were facing and organized practice sessions. In addition her approach of teaching was remarkable, playing games in class as a more relaxed means of revising what was previously learned made it much more easier for one to understand the concepts."

Ana María Fernández Aubanell (19) from Spain (student)
Ana María Fernández Aubanell"Bremen is a wonderful city and I feel like I'm in a fairy tale here. I've made good friends and at the Goethe-Institut I've learned that I can speak German!"

Ping Ho (24) from Taiwan (student)
Ping Ho"I'm from Taiwan. One thing I really like at the Goethe-Institut Bremen is that the teachers here are very good. You can learn a lot from them and improve your German."

Siti Hajar Zulkepli (19) from Malaysia, (student)
Siti Hajar Zulkepli"Hello! I'm Malaysian and of course I come from Malaysia. I really like it in Bremen because I can learn Hochdeutsch here. There are a lot of Germans as well as other nationalities who I can speak German with."

Daniel De Queiroz Araujo (22) from Brazil (student)
Daniel De Queiroz Araujo"Here at the Goethe-Institut Bremen you can really learn German and have a lot of fun. At the Goethe-Institut Bremen I've had a lot of exciting experiences."

Polina Krylova (19) from Russia (student)
Polina Krylova"I've been at the Goethe-Institut Bremen for a month now and I like it a lot. I have not only improved my German here, but also met a lot of interesting people and found new friends."

Franck Hilaire Yoman (35) from Ivory Coast (teacher)
Franck Hilaire Yoman"The Goethe-Institut Bremen is a place where the language of Goethe is alive and well. I feel completely at home here. That's why it is worth taking a trip to Bremen."

Olena Rudenko (19) from Ukraine (student)
Olena Rudenko"Learning German in Germany is always better than learning it at home because you have to speak German here. I like Bremen a lot: The people are polite, there's plenty to see in the city, and the old town center is beautiful."

Hassan Salman (18) from Lebanon (student)
Hassan Salman"I'm from Lebanon. The city of Bremen is splendid. I've been here for three months now and I'd like to live here."

Masako Asahi from Japan (housewife)
Masako Asahi"One thing that makes the Goethe-Institut Bremen special is that it is situated in the university, so that you can also enjoy university life and the canteen. Not only the teachers are helpful, but the other staff as well. "

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    What our course participants say

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