“Gateways” as access to Europe’s artistic diversity – 27 artists from 16 countries have taken up curator Sabine Himmelsbach’s invitation.

In the “Gateways” video clips, the participating artists introduce themselves and their works in “Kumu.” The clips arose during the installation of the exhibition on 11 and 12 May, 2011 in the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia.
Thomson & Craighead, Tallinn Wall/Beacon | © gateways

A Twitter wall for Kumu

Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead are gung-ho followers of Twitter. That is, they follow all Tweets within a radius of ten kilometers from the Kumu. They have printed out and pasted together a selection of Tweets collected over a period of 18 days.More ...
Ingo Günther, Worldprocessor | © gateways

The networked globe

A globe usually presents a map of countries, continents and seas. But there’s something different about the globes you’ll find in the Gateways exhibit. New York-based artist Ingo Günther explains that the globes he’s brought along for the exhibition are all about networking and access to global networks.More ...
boredomresearch, Real Snail Mail | © gateways

Digital snail mail

“Real Snail Mail” is the first e-mail service that uses live snails as transmitters of e-mail messages. We came across artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith when they were already setting up a comfortable track for the snails.More ...
Christina Kubisch, Electrical Walk Tallinn/Magnetic Tallinn | © gateways

The electromagnetic city

Christina Kubisch lets us experience electromagnetic Tallinn. Wearing a specially made headset and holding a city map, you will hear the city as never before.More ..., White Walk | © gateways

Listening to grass grow

Walking through Kadrioru Park, Enrique Tomás – of – shows us what awaits participants in his sound tour: “White Walk”. Equipped with headphones and an audio guide complete with GPS, we take an acoustic journey.More ...
Clara Boj and Diego Diaz, Observatorio | © gateways

The view through a telescope

Sitting amongst coffee-drinking guests on the 24th floor of the Radisson Hotel is Clara Boj, peering through a telescope. But it’s not the blue sea that interests her, nor the distant harbor and the ferries that disappear over the horizon, on their way to Helsinki.More ...
Jenny Marketou, Red Eyed Sky Walkers / Silver Series | © gateways

Balloon surveillance

In all, there will be 49 balloons – one by one the silvery encasements will be filled a mix of helium and air.More ...
Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák und Márton Fernezelyi, a (further) study on the genre of painting | © gateways

Between oil paintings and high-tech

These canvasses on the wall depict abstract images. But behind these images are figurative paintings from Kumu museum collection – just look through the device that hangs from the ceiling.More ...
Tanja Ostojić, Looking for a Husband with EU-Passport | © gateways

Looking for an EU husband

Tanja Ostojić tells us about her experiences “looking for a husband who had an EU passport,” how the wedding was, why they ended up divorcing, and how she documented her odyssey for the Gateways exhibit.More ...
Katarzyna Krakowiak, in Tallinn | © gateways

Transmitting silence from the Kumu rooftop

Polish artist Katarzyna Krakowiak becomes a “human antenna” on the roof of the Kumu Museum. During an hour-long performance in Tallinn, she sets about “transmitting silence.”More ...
Mindaugas Gapševičius, Get a pattern | © gateways

Html, not H&M

Generate a personal code, print it, cut it out, press it onto a white t-shirt, and put it on! Lithuanian artist Mindaugas Gapševičius explains his “business model” to us.More ...
RIXC, RENEW-ABILITY | © gateways

With best regards to a bean

Latvian artists Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Martins Ratniks – RIXC for short – planted a bean in the center of the Kumu. Will the bean climb to the heavens, as RIXC dearly wish?More ...
Timo Toots, Memopol-II | © gateways

Absolutely private, on a big screen

Stick your personal ID card into the machine, press “start” and watch “Memopol” by Timo Toots. Everything the Internet can spit out about one’s private sphere is projected on a giant, curved screen: address, friends, employer.More ...
Achim Mohné and Uta Kopp, | © gateways

Message on the rooftop

In large white letters on the Kumu roof reads the command: “Click here.” We meet Achim Mohné and Uta Kopp standing on their Google Map of Tallinn and environs. They tell us why they have painted a message on the rooftop.More ...
Kirsten Geisler, Maya Brush – First Life | © gateways

Maya Brush in the museum

Kirsten Geisler has brought Maya Brush with her to Tallinn. Maya is a virtual beauty queen – with a Facebook profile, photo shoots and her own DNA, which is projected on an exhibition wall at the Kumu museum. But Maya Brush unfortunately would not give us an interview.More ...
Petko Dourmana, Freestanding | © gateways

Towers made of bytes, not bricks

Anyone who’s familiar with Tallinn skyline will do a double take upon seeing two gigantic towers that seem to have sprung up overnight. Petko Dourmana has projected them into the landscape and tells us why.More ...