Kirsten Geisler and her virtual beauty Maya Brush visited Kumu

The German artist Kirsten Geisler was in Tallinn at Kumu Art Museum at the end of February to organize a photoshoot of her virtual beauty Maya Brush with the museum’s director Anu Liivak.

Maya Brush was born on February 4, 2011, and Kumu was one of her first acts in the real world. The results of her visit and the photoshoot at Kumu will be presented in the exhibition alongside Maya’s Facebook fansite, her 3D model, DNA and more.

As Maya is a virtual beauty, she needed a physical beauty to step in her shoes in order to pose for the photoshoot. Kristiina Nurmis, one of the museum collegues took her place next to the director Anu Liivak. The tire chairs that were the background for the photoshoot, are an artwork of Villu Jaanisoo and main public attraction for museum visitor outside the exhibition spaces. In the final result, instead of Maya’s step-in Kristiina, there will appear Maya’s face and her digital skin.

Tallinn was just one stop in Maya Brush’s busy life of aquiantances, meetings and photoshoots with well-knows actors on the cultural field.
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