Introduction to the “gateways” exhibition

Shortly before the exhibit opening, workers are still building, hammering, measuring and fiddling with screwdrivers on the fifth floor of the Kumu Art Museum. But by the time the evening of 12 May 2011 rolls around, the “gateways” exhibition is ready

Nearly all the approximately 30 participating artists have come to Tallinn for the set-up and opening of the exhibit, travelling from across Europe to the Estonian capital. And it is obvious even from the outside of the museum: A media art exhibition is happening here. A silver cloud of balloons, part of a work by Jenny Marketou, hovers out in front of the Kumu, and Aram Bartholl has pinned a gigantic red Google marker in the landscape. And anyone who flies over Tallinn in a helicopter or plane today cannot miss the words “Click here” on the roof of the Kumu – an installation by Uta Kopp and Achim Mohné. Amidst the opening-day hubbub of artists, friends, journalists, acquaintances, curators and Kumu personnel, artist Katarzyna Krakowiak climbs to the roof of the museum for a performance and holds a large antenna in the air – she wants to broadcast the silence.


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