Drop-in-drop-out workshop “Friends” with Aram Bartholl

The project Friends is a workshop which translates the so-called social web - online services such as Facebook, Myspace, etc. - into a paper-based form in physical space.

All workshop participants contribute a profile page to the big Friends Book and make their own personal friends booklet in which to collect as many friends as possible. With their own hand-made profile photo stamp and a large amount of prefabricated web 2.0 service stamps, users trade among each other information about their favorite online services and web activities. In order to be recognized as Friends workshop participants, users can wear a button with their own profile photo or display their Web 2.0 preferences on Friends Tattoos.

Description of Aram Bartholl’s work “Map” Biography Aram Bartholl “Digital trespassers in the analogue word” – Aram Bartholl’s Blogpost


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