Mohamed Hashem, Publisher, Egypt

Mohamed Hashem
Publisher, Egypt

Mohamed Hashem, Publisher, Egypt

”I see a future which will give people freedom and rights.“

Prof. Ali Abdelwahab
Scientist, Egypt

Prof. Ali Abdelwahab, Scientist, Egypt

”Tahrir Square is the place which became the symbol of the liberation from foreign rule.“

Zeyad Salem
Writer, Egypt

Zeyad Salem, Writer, Egypt

”What we actually did was to meet up every morning - like thousands of people - and start marching all the streets.”

Ola Adel
Assistant Professor and Translator, Egypt

Ola Adel, Assistant Professor and Translator, Egypt

”This experience, despite the negative consequences, has changed the people radically.“

Mahmoud Hassanein
Translator, Egypt

Mahmoud Hassanein, Translator, Egypt

”Last time I visited Egypt in June. I was surprised that even my mother talked about politics.“

Hala Ghoneim
Translator, Egypt

Hala Ghoneim, Translator, Egypt

”There were great hope, confidence, a feeling of personal strength, a feeling of the capacity to achieve something.“

Dr. Dr. Salah Helal
Literary Translator, Egypt

Dr. Dr. Salah Helal, Literary Translator, Egypt

”The situation is completely new for all of us, that we are able to achieve something and express our opinion. And many people discovered that they have no opinion at all.“

Charles Akl
Program Coordinator of El Genaina theatre, Egypt

Charles Akl, Program Coordinator of El Genaina theatre, Egypt

”More groups are talking in a more liberal way. They can express themselves, not only directly in politics.“

Reem Kassem
Founding Director, AGORA Arts & Culture, Alexandria

Reem Kassem, Founding Director, AGORA Arts & Culture, Alexandria, Egypt

”I wish I don't have to say anything about this period until it becomes better.“

Marwa Helmy
Cultural Manager at Al Mawred Al Thaqafy, Egypt

Marwa Helmy, Cultural Manager at Al Mawred Al Thaqafy, Egypt

”We try to convince people that cultural policy is their right and they have to defend their right.“

Fayrouz Karawya
Singer and Cultural Anthropologist, Egypt

Fayrouz Karawya, Singer and Cultural Anthropologist, Egypt

”Cairo stays the city of plenty of questions.“

Karam Youssef
Bookseller, Egypt

Karam Youssef, Bookseller, Egypt

”Still I believe the revoltution is not finished. But now I have reservations to call it a revolution.“

Nesrin El Zayat
Filmmaker, Egypt

Nesrin El Zayat, Filmmaker, Egypt

”Since 2005 Egypt was boiling like a volcano.“

Mostafa Youssef
Filmmaker, Egypt

Mostafa Youssef, Filmmaker, Egypt

”Driving through Cairo you feel that there's a fight going on - just look at the walls.“

Ashraf Wagdy
Bookseller, Egypt

Ashraf Wagdy, Bookseller, Egypt

”Before this date we thought that we can. After this date we were sure that we can.“

Mona Shahien
Founder and Director of Tahrir Lounge, Egypt

Mona Shahien, Founder and Director of Tahrir Lounge, Egypt

”Participate in the change is not just a slogan. It is a method and it is a way of life.“

Khaled Al-Khamissy
Writer, Egypt

Khaled Al-Khamissy, Writer, Egypt

”He only said one thing: 'Khaled, our children will never leave this country.“

Ahmed Nour
Filmmaker, Egypt

Ahmed Nour, Filmmaker, Egypt

”In Egypt we are now living in a cruel transformation period.“

Dr. Heba Fathy
Translator, Egypt

Dr. Heba Fathy, Translator, Egypt

”But in the past months, I have noticed that support for Egyptians has waned.“

Emad Maher
Filmmaker, Egypt

Emad Maher, Filmmaker, Egypt

”Now everybody talks about politics. And everybody in the street has an opinion.“

Omar El Zohairy
Filmmaker, Egypt

Omar El Zohairy, Filmmaker, Egypt

”The most important thing after the revolution was that I got an idea of freedom. How to be free. It was my first time to think about freedom.“

Marwa Ziko
Academic Teacher, Egypt

Marwa Ziko, Academic Teacher, Egypt

”We lived in a police state. We had a police office at our department. Now it's gone.“

Osama El-Wardany
Filmmaker, Egypt

Osama El-Wardany, Filmmaker, Egypt

”When I got shot I was afraid to lose my eye, but at the same time I was afraid also that the police can invade the square and kill more people.“

Rania Hamoud
Project Manager, Mansour Foundation, Egypt

Rania Hamoud, Project Manager, Mansour Foundation, Egypt

”Remembering this moment can make me cry.“

Ahmed Rashwan
Filmmaker, Egypt
(Part 1)

Ahmed Rashwan, Filmmaker, Egypt (Part 1)

”When I started shooting I did not know that I would do a documentary. I just wanted to document the events, for history and for the new generation.“

Ahmed Rashwan
Filmmaker, Egypt
(Part 2)

Ahmed Rashwan, Filmmaker, Egypt (Part 2)

”If I'm afraid I have to feel ashamed because many people older than me, many women and even many children are participating.“

Mohanad Hassan
Filmmaker, Egypt

Mohanad Hassan, Filmmaker, Egypt

”Some of my friends have big physically problems after protesting, through car crashs or taking shots. That is very bad. But they did something very good for everybody.“

Sherif Qassem
Publisher, Egypt

Sherif Qassem, Publisher, Egypt

”We were only 500, and they used 2.000 canisters of tear gas.“

Mohamed El-Deeb
Rapper, Egypt

Mohamed El-Deeb, Rapper, Egypt

”This adrenalin I never felt before. It felt right to be there.“

Mina Albert
Filmmaker, Egypt

Mina Albert, Filmmaker, Egypt

”Cairo cannot be as it was from one day to the next.“

Karim Shabaan
Filmmaker, Egypt

Karim Shabaan, Filmmaker, Egypt

”And then I discovered that this moment will be a historical moment when I upload this video on YouTube with the date 2011.“

Dina Hamza
Filmmaker, Egypt

Dina Hamza, Filmmaker, Egypt

”Something happened to me, I'm more courageous now.“

Nadine Salib
Filmmaker, Egypt

Nadine Salib, Filmmaker, Egypt

”When I used to go to the square I asked myself just one question: Do you really believe in it?“

Magdy El-Shafee
Comic-Strip Artist, Egypt

Magdy El-Shafee, Comic-Strip Artist, Egypt

”For me it was important to be there and spread ideas.“

Khalid Abdalla
Filmmaker, Egypt

Khalid Abdalla, Filmmaker, Egypt

”As long as you keep the energy to keep going - no matter how difficult it is - I believe this country has a future.“

Ahmed Zakaria
Filmmaker, Egypt

Ahmed Zakaria, Filmmaker, Egypt

„Since a long time I was considering that art is a very important tool to change the community.“

Mohamed Saleh
Musician, Egypt

Mohamed Saleh, Musician, Egypt

”The changes are not radical. They're simply changes.“

Magdi Radwan
Bookseller, Egypt

Magdi Radwan, Bookseller, Egypt

”I hope that something happens to bring back the feelings of the revolution.“

Hani Morsi
PHD Development Studies, Egypt

Hani Morsi, PHD Development Studies, Egypt

”Oppression or injustice always come to an end, no matter where they are. That's a historical fact.“

Ghada Alakhdar
Cultural and Media Scientist, Egypt

Ghada Alakhdar, Cultural and Media Scientist, Egypt

”This is a revolution: You are not going to change the whole set, the whole people, the whole country and the whole atmosphere. But you are going to make things different. And that is great.“

Balsam Saad
Bookseller, Egypt

Balsam Saad, Bookseller, Egypt

”I would dream that we would focus on education. That the education system in Eqypt will be better. Because this is the starting point and the beginning for everything.“

Muhammad M. Abushaqra
Program Manager, Egypt

Muhammad M. Abushaqra, Program Manager, Egypt

”It's dangerous that a great part of our youth lack the utilisation of their spare time. That might lead to extremism.“

Mohamed El Khateeb, Egypt

Mohamed El Khateeb,, Egypt

”What I would like to happen is that Egypt becomes a better country in terms of providing its citizens the basic rights.“

Abdelrehim Youssef
Coordinator, Egypt

Abdelrehim Youssef, Coordinator, Egypt

”The first time in my life I hugged my wife in the street.“

Nada Sabet
Artistic Director

Nada Sabet, Artistic Director

”I would wish there is a lot more space for creativity and a lot more acceptance and dialog.“

Sarah Rifky
Curator, Egypt

Sarah Rifky, Curator, Egypt

”Is it possible to sleep politically?“