Project participants

  • Project participants

Project Participants

Project Management:
Goethe-Institut Egypt
Stefan Winkler

Goethe-Institut Palestinian Territories
Dr. Joerg Schumacher

Interviews and Editing:
Sabine Aisch

Concept, Production and Project Management:
Patrick Schlömer
Daniel Moj
weitwinkelmedia GbR

Web Design and Implementation:
Lea Delazer

Coordination and Editing of Textual Content:
Anne Gudurat
Christopher Resch
Marion Schmidt

Stefan Winkler

Transformation & Partnership

Foto: Nihal Ismail, DayDream Art Production © Goethe-Institut Kairo
A changing culture and society: The Goethe-Institut’s Transformation & Partnership projects contribute to the on-going processes of change in Egypt und Tunis.

100 Voices is a project of the Goethe-Institut as part of the German-Egyptian/German-Tunisian Transformation Partnership, funded by the Federal Foreign Office.