Mohamed El Mongy

Rania Hamoud Mohamed El Mongy is one of Misriyati’s co-founders. After spending two years in AIESEC International as Director for Africa, finished and worked on a number of sustainable development issues and projects in different African countries; Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya and Morocco. He then worked in environmental consultancy and earned his Masters in Environment and Development in Edinburgh University. Mongy is passionate about pan-Africanity (Humanly inclusive African identity). He is the caller for the establishment of the Nile Forum as a platform for civil society across the Nile basin. Mongy is a certified mediator and part of the Steering Committee of Misriyati working on conflict transformation projects on the grass root and community level as well as on the corporate level. Mongy facilitated more than 200 workshops, conferences and events all through his life journey.


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