Bryony Hoskins

Bryony Hoskins; Foto: private Professor Bryony Hoskins has a chair in Comparative Social Science at the University of Roehampton. She is an internationally renowned expert on political socialisation specialising in political engagement across European Countries. Her current funded research projects are on inequalities and political engagement, political socialisation, volunteering and unpaid work. She is part of ESRC LLAKES research centre based at UCL. Professor Hoskins has previously led EU funded research whilst employed at the University of Southampton that explored the effects of the economic crisis on Active Citizenship in the EU. Prior to this she led ESRC funded comparative research on Inequalities that explored the effects of different country education systems on civic attitudes.

Professor Hoskins has 7 years of policy experience having previously worked at the Council of Europe in France leading on youth research, at the European Commission (EC) in Belgium and then in the EC in Italy leading the development of indicators on Active Citizenship. She has extensive experience of performing consultancies for the UK cabinet office, UNESCO, European Commission and Council of Europe on topics such as Citizenship, Global Citizenship, European Citizenship, Education and the European Union. Professor Hoskins is currently performing a consultancy for UNESCO on measuring Global Citizenship for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She has recently completed a consultancy for the UK cabinet office as the external challenger on the balance of competences between the EU and the UK government on Education.