Susanne Ulrich

© Susanne UlrichSusanne Ulrich; Foto: private Susanne Ulrich was born 1961 in Düsseldorf. She studied Science of Administration (including Politics, Law, Economy, History and Sociology) at the University of Konstanz. Since 1995 she has been employed at the Center for Applied Policy Research (C.A.P) at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich. She was responsible for the Project Education for Democracy and Tolerance. Together with colleagues she worked out a concept and a definition of tolerance. She also developed special programmes for teaching democracy and tolerance. Susanne Ulrich works with different target groups, for example with teachers, students, administrators and police-officers. In July 2003 Susanne Ulrich became the director of the Academy Leadership & Competence at the Center for Applied Policy Research. She also developed the concept of “Participatory Evaluation” together with Florian Wenzel. She consulted and evaluated a number of programs, institutions and projects since then.


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