Palibrk, Vladimir

Vladimir Palibrk

Vladimir Palibrk, Foto: Bridgette Auger

Vladimir Palibrk is involved in scriptwriting, production, publishing and promo activities in the field of comic art. For him, free and intensive expression is one of the primary values of alternative comics, as a basis for critical relation to reality. His fascination for alternative comics started with the first blossom of the Serbian comics scene in mid-1990's. Back then, comics and short films, were part of a strong alternative scene that opposed the official, regime-promoted culture.

Palibrk himself does not draw much. He is more active as a script author and producer. His latest project is a comic anthology called “Distorted Mirror”. The anthology collects work of 50 authors from around the world who describe their dreams in which famous persons appear. Distorted Mirror is an attempt to deal with questions about the emancipation of the collective and individual subconsciousness from the contents imposed by media, historical-socio-political contexts and popular culture. When it comes to dealing with socio-political issues, it has proven that comics as a free media are a very thankful ground for any kind of free and critical expression.

“Sometimes those comics can be quite disturbing. They are a reaction to the dominant culture and dominant social structures,” says Palibrk.

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