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SprachflaggeThe Teaching Advice Service supports teachers, schools and institutions in the teaching of German.

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    The German Language Adventure:
    Discover Germany in 16 challenges

    Motivational game brought to your school by our team. Suitable for P7 to S3.More ...
    Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin; picture alliance / dpa; Fotograf: Emily Wabitsch; (c) dpa

    Calendar 2014 “Celebrating festivities” – Teaching Materials

    How do the Germans celebrate Birthdays, Easter, Christmas or the Carnival of the cultures?More ...
    Copyright: Goethe-Institut London

    German with Felix und Franzi

    Twelve lesson plans for primary teachers of German, covering a whole school year, available free of charge. Download now from our website. More ...

      Web Pages 'Auf Deutsch'

      Our new web page 'Auf Deutsch' is especially aimed at young learners of German and is now online.More ...

      The Smart Choice: German

      Why should British students actually learn German, if English is "lingua franca" already? A new video makes the case for learning German and includes a range of identifiable brands as well as prominent figures from the UK.More ...

      Youth in Germany

      Discover the theme “Youth in Germany” with your students on the basis of authentic materials with topics like love or family. The material includes perspectives of young people and comes with attractive pictures and teaching resources. More ...

      Goethe-Institut in the United Kingdom

      Get to know more about the Goethe-Institut’s activities in the United Kingdom.


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