About popKultur

What is popKultur?

popKultur is a teaching resource for Secondary-level German using pop music, developed by the Goethe-Institut London. The project is designed to inspire the interest and creativity of pupils, making learning instinctive and fun.
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The popKultur materials were developed for the Goethe-Institut London by Luke Roskilly, Goodlogic Projects.

Thanks to ...

Many thanks to all the artists, record labels and music publishers who have granted permission for their songs and videos to be used in the popKultur project. Without their kind cooperation, this project would not have been possible.


The rights for the songs used in this project lie with the following individuals and organisations:
  • 'Fussball ist immer noch wichtig' © Lyrics: Fettes Brot / Bela B. Music: Fettes Brot - (p) & (c) 2006 Fettes Brot Schallplatten GmbH
  • 'Ich muss ins Krankenhaus' © Music: Cecil & Stephan Remmler, Lyrics: Stephan Remmler (it-sounds GmbH, 2006) 
  • 'Ökostrom' © MIA. (R.O.T-respectortolerate / Sony BMG, 2004)
  • 'Zehn' © Völker hört die Tonträger (Music and lyrics: Farin Urlaub / Publisher: PMS Musikverlag)
  • Nur ein Wort © Music: Holofernes/Tourette/Roy/Tavassol, Lyrics: Holofernes.  Used by kind permission of: Freudenhaus MV/Wintrup Musikverlag. Video used by kind permission of EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG.  From the album: WIR SIND HELDEN "Von hier an blind" (Labels/EMI). Order Nr.: 860 85306 / 860 85313
  • 'Wo bist du?' © Lyrics and music: Toni Kater (it-sounds GmbH, 2004)


The Goethe-Institut is not responsible for content submitted to the popKultur website by third parties, or for the content or appearance of any third-party websites reachable through links in the popKultur materials or website.