Nein, Mann!

Band: Laserkraft 3D

Laserkraft 3D
Laserkraft 3D
Laserkraft 3D
Laserkraft 3D is an electro house project made up of DJ Groovejuice (Niels Reinhard) and Tim Hoffmann. Nein, Mann! is their second single, which reached number one in the German Dance Charts and number ten in the mainstream charts.

    Song: Nein, Mann!

    Language level: ** (medium)

    Tip: if you can't see the video, try visiting Niel's Reinhard's page on Vimeo or the Nein Mann! video on Youtube and listening to the song there.

      Materials: Mein, Mann!

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      Laserkraft 3D

      Style: Electro
      Members: Niels Reinhard, Tim Hoffmann
      From: Mannheim / Kaiserslautern
      Formed: 2009