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Here are some useful resources by teachers using popKultur, and by the Goethe-Institut London! Why not send us your resources and share them with other teachers?


IWB: Fussball ist immer noch wichtig

Task Magic activities for Fussball ist immer noch wichtig.
By: Avril Black
Download Task Magic 'Fussball' file (MDL)

IWB: Ökostrom

Task Magic activities for Ökostrom.
By: Avril Black
Download Task Magic 'Ökostrom' file (MDL)

Workshop plan: storyboards

Teach your pupils about storyboards and get them to make one for Ich muss ins Krankenhaus.
By: Goethe-Institut London
Download storyboard workshop plan (PDF)
Download storyboard example (DOC)

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What is popKultur?

popKultur is a teaching resource for Secondary-level German using pop music, developed by the Goethe-Institut London. The project is designed to inspire the interest and creativity of pupils, making learning instinctive and fun.

What do the popKutur resources include?

All the popKultur resources can be found on this website. In the 'Songs' section, you will find selected German songs from various musical styles (pop, rock, hip-hop etc), each with some key facts about the band and a video or audio player to listen to the song.

Each song is accompanied by a lyrics sheet and a worksheet. These help to explain the lyrics and provide interesting, creative exercises based around the song (quizzes, fill in the gaps, karaoke etc).

At what level are the resources aimed?

The resources are designed to supplement your existing teaching programme within the Secondary curriculum, and to be used selectively according to pupils' ability and interests. The songs vary in difficulty from relatively straightforward (e.g. Stephan Remmler's 'Ich muss ins Krankenhaus') to more complex (e.g. MIA.'s 'Ökostrom') .

Within each worksheet, the difficulty of the tasks also increases as the worksheet goes on. (Don't feel obliged to do the whole worksheet – just do the bits that you feel are relevant to your students).

What if I can't watch the videos?

Due to the wishes of the record labels involved, many of the songs featured are displayed using the YouTube player. As YouTube and similar services are often blocked in schools, it it always worth trying out the video in your classroom before conducting the lesson.

If the YouTube videos are not accessible in your school, we have tried wherever possible to include a link to an alternative version of the video (usually on the respective band's website). Other options are to ask your school's IT department to unblock YouTube for your purposes, or to purchase a copy of the song through iTunes, Amazon or similar.

What do I need to know about making videos?

Making videos is a fantastic cross-curricular activity, and nowhere near as difficult as you might imagine!

IMPORTANT: There are a few details which you and your pupils need to be aware of so that we can show pupils' videos on the popKultur website:
  • Any material (sounds, images, videos etc) which your pupils use in their videos MUST be either your pupils' own intellectual property (i.e. things they have created themselves), or be free to use in the public domain.
  • Due to UK legislation, for pupils under 18, we need the permission of parents or guardians for pictures / video footage of them appear on the website. Please download a schools' permission form by clicking here (PDF - 70Kb) and return it by post to the address stated on the form.
  • Due to the wishes of the record labels involved, it is not possible to publish pupils' videos of all the songs. If you would like to publish a video in the Your Videos section, please check with us first to avoid disappointment.