Over the garden fence

How well do you know your neighbours?

Copyright: Maja Grafe

Copyright: Maja Grafe

We can usually find out who is living next door by taking a quick peek over the garden fence. Then come first introductions swiftly followed, if all goes well, by an invitation to a barbecue or to watch the football together.

And it's not so very different with our neighbours abroad. We get to know each other through brief visits, holidays, student exchange programmes or even working in neighbouring countries. We spend time with each other, compare what we have in common and where we are different – and usually return home enriched by the experience.

In “Over the garden fence” we want to portray our international neighbours; to find out how they see the Germans, and to talk about our experiences in neighbouring countries. And in the same way that many neighbours end up as our friends, we might soon find that we feel as much at home in our neighbour’s garden as we do in our own.

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