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Two new PASCH-Partner Schools in Ghana

The PASCH - partner school is an initiative of the German Foriegn Ministry to promote the German language through teaching of the language in about 1,500 schools. In Ghana there are now three of those schools with totalling on about 150 students who take part in the initiative. Because German is not part of the main curricula  of schools, the schools form German Clubs  for students who are interested in the learning of the Language. The dedicated students and teachers are supported with educational and training materials and are eventually awarded scholarship for language courses in Germany.

Upper Photograph: from left to right, at Wesley Girls Senior High School, Accra: Robert Sobotta, Goethe-Institut Ghana, Jane Dor, Head, Wesley Girls SHS, Thomas Wimmer, German Embassy Accra, a Bishop, Eva Asante, Goethe-Institut Ghana

Lower Photograph: The German Ambassador to Ghana Dr. Schimkoreit (left), Charles Fordjour, Director of German Clubs at Opoku Ware Senior High (Middle) and Robert Sobotta, Director of Goethe-Institut Ghana (right)

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    Personal notices on culture and climate change worldwide – contributing from Ghana: agricultural scientist Samuel G. K. Adiku

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    Download an overview of all our cultural events from March until May 2014 #here#Please note that we do a lot of extra programs. Have a look at our website for that.

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