Recorded Memories

Along the G-Line, 2010
HD-Video, Loop, 2:14 min.

Marianna Christofides: “In my work I examine ‘documented realities’ through metonymic processes. The images are viewed as pieces of visual documentation of histories and places that in themselves contain the possibility of renegotiation and reshaping. I am interested in the secondary channels of a narrative stream that are no longer the focal points but that expand the narrative space with the possibility of new stories precisely because they remain in realms of the undetermined. The parenthetical, incidental stories, removed from their original contexts, create space for a journey, a cross section of several scientific disciplines and spatial times. Displacement, lack of simultaneity, and transference into various media and forms of production are the central elements of my approach. Pictorial sequences, words and objects that develop into installations in space grow out of this. A seven-year-old boy is turning cartwheels along the UN-Buffer zone dividing Nicosia. The movement of the body through the successive images marks points on a parallel line to that of the border – both being illusionary mental structures, yet leaving tangible traces in space and time. Through this odd juxtaposition the jumping boy turns into a kind of scale measuring space in another manner. At the same time he transforms a place solidified in its historicity into an active present-day space.”


Marianna Christofides
Born in 1980 in Nikosia, Cyprus; lives in Cologne, Germany

Christofides studied Fine Art and Visual Arts at Athens Academy of Art and at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, thereafter gaiing a postgraduate degree at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Christofides works primarily with collections of visual documents: magic lantern pictures, postcards and geographic maps. She uses text and film to create a new framework for picutres that seem anachronistic. In this way she creates extended narratives which hover between poetry and truth.

Solo exhibitions:
Cinema Aurora, miart 2013, Milano International Art Fair mit / with Galleria Laveronica arte contemporanea, 2013. l’histoire d’histoire d’une histoire (kuratiert von / curated by Marion Ritter), Kölnischer Kunstverein OG2, Cologne, Germany, 2013. Reluctantly Real (kuratiert von / curated by Marco Scotini), Galleria Laveronica arte contemporanea, Modica, Sicily, 2012. Errant Images, Omikron Gallery Nicosia, 2012. Temporal Taxonomy (duo) (kuratiert von / curated by Yiannis Toumazis), Cyprus Pavilion 54th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, La Biennale di Venezia, Italy, 2011

Group exhibitions:
8th DESTE prize 2013, Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens, 2013. Dear Aby Warburg, What can be done with images? (kuratiert von / curated by Eva Schmidt), Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen, Germany, 2012. Kunstpreis der Böttcherstraße in Bremen 2012, Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany, 2012. Sense of Place (kuratiert von / curated by Liz Wells),BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium, 2012. Through the Roadblocks, Evagoras & Kathleen Lanitis Foundation, Limassol, 2012. Localhost, Kunsthalle Münster, 2011