Recorded Memories

The Family Silver, 2007
Inkjet prints, 100 × 72.5 cm

© Jelena Blagović, from the series: Family Silver, 2007
From the series: Family Silver, 2007. Inkjet prints, 100 × 72.5 cm © Jelena Blagović

Jelena Blagović: "By tracing my personal history through my family’s estate, I raise questions about the meaning of this sort of family archive. I found answers to particular questions about myself in an antique chest of drawers, in old and yellowed family documents and memorabilia. Preserved for generations and passed on as inheritance – as a family foundation of sorts – this private archive tells the history of my family. For me, it represents the basis of my own particular conditioning, my invisible but many-layered self. I call it ‘The Family Silver’."


Jelena Blagović
Born 1983 in Zagreb, Croatia; lives in Zagreb

Blagović studied photographic arts at the University of Westminster in London. She is a teaching assistant in the Department of Photography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb and currently a PhD student in the history of Art, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb.

Solo exhibitions:
Croatian photography through the eyes of Peter Knapp, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, 2012. Introversions, Gallery Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011. Before me, Gallery Makina, Pula, Croatia, 2011. Before me, Gallery Stančić, Zagreb, Croatia, 2010. Before me, Gallery Zuccatto, Poreč, Croatia, 2009

Group exhibitions:
Rovinj  Photodays – finalists exhibition, MM Centar, Rovinj, Croatia,  2011. Artist Letters, 46. Zagreb Salon –  Applied Arts and Design, Gallery ULUPUH, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011. Aktualno 2+60, Museum Mimara, Zagreb,  Croatia, 2010. New Names, Museum  Mimara, Zagreb, Croatia, 2010. Rovinj  Photodays – finalists exhibition, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art,  Small Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia, 2010