Recorded Memories

Polka, 2011/12
A series of black-and-white photographs

Stefana Savić: “Polka is a series of black-and-white photographs with which I try to reconstruct family memories and examine the role of photography in the process of recollection. I am interested in representing my ‘memories’ of events and people that I myself have not experienced or met in person, but which are important parts of my family’s history. Marianne Hirsch coined the term ‘postmemory’ to describe this concept, the relationship between those born later and collective traumatic events experienced by the previous generation. These ‘memories’ do not stem from participation in real incidents but from the accounts by the generation of true contemporary witnesses. They are rooted in the atmospheres, pictures and positions that are shaped by them, and have such a dominant affective effect and power that they can be internalised by the younger generation as ‘inherited memories’.”


Stefana Savić
Born 1979 in Kraljevo, Serbia; lives in Belgrade, Serbia

Savić studied photography at the Academy of Arts BK, Belgrade, and took an MA in art and media theory at the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Solo exhibitions:
Polka, Cultural Center of Ribnica, Kraljevo, Serbia, 2012. Interruption (mit / with Ivan Petrovic, kuratiert von / curated by Selman Trtovac), University Library Svetozar Markovic, Belgrade, Serbia, 2012. Phenomenal Woman (mit / with Katarina Radovic), in der Ausstellung / in the exhibition Being Beautiful (kuratiert von / curated by Katarina Mitrovic), Historical Museum of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia 2011. Re-creations, Gallery Marzik, Kraljevo, Serbia, 2008. Re-creations, The ARTGET Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2007

Group exhibitions:
Possible Reality, Gallery Eurocentar, Belgrade, Serbia, 2012. Un/reality, National Museum, Jagodina, Serbia, 2010. Urban Jealousy, the 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008. Jeune Création / Art Contemporain 2008, Grand Halle de la Villete, Paris, France, 2008. Terminal006, Balkan Art Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006