Recorded Memories

The great composition form, 2003
installation and sound

Predrag Terzić: “Discussions of the former Yugoslavia and its collapseoften give rise to the use of stereotypes that present a negative vision of the country. My installation is to be viewed in this context. Its starting point is the last public appearance of the Serbian King Alexander I (‘The Unifier’) in his country on MountOplenac, before he travelled to Marseille, where he became the victim of an assassination. The installation attempts to capture as accurately as possible the phenomenon of ‘the chosen one’ and of the people who have chosen him. When the viewers enter the installation, they should themselves feel that they are ‘the chosen ones’ leading their people to a better future. Darkness, sudden light and noises also trigger a sense of anxiety, however. One can give in to the illusion that one is, as king, the centre of attention in one moment and can withdraw from the others’ gaze in the next.”


Predrag Terzić
Born 1972 in Belgrade, Serbia; lives in Belgrade

Terzić studied painting a the University of Arts in Belgrade under Čedomir Vasić before completing an MA course at the same institution.

Solo exhibitions:
National service, Gallery Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia, 2008. Terra incognita, tribute to Paja Jovanović, Cultural Center, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2007. Resime, Gallery of the Students Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004. inside – outside, Gallery of Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004. The Great Composition Form, Gallery Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia, 2003

Group exhibitions:
Terzić has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, including Belgium, Germany, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia and the USA