Recorded Memories

Project Areas, 2011
Zeichnungen mit weisser Tusche auf Fotografien

Peter Tzanev: “A large number of factories were closed after the end of the socialist regime in Bulgaria. Equipped with an official permit for an art project in 2011 I delved into one of these factories that have been dead for twenty years. I found myself all alone with my intention in the colossal factory halls in which more than 3,000 people had once worked. Standing in this enclosed area with its ripped-out constructions, its gaping holes and caverns, its gutted cupboards and lockers and the tools that had become unusable, I became aware of the fact that these ruins represent a form of ‘orphaned heritage’. They do not provoke adequate emotional reactions. They are emotional voids. Between these ruins one is a nobody, a stranger. The act of looking at ruins is unreal: those who want to establish a connection with them must themselves become ghosts. Ruins have no identity. They are ‘project areas’.”


Peter Tzanev
Born 1967 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria; lives in Sofia, Bulgaria

Tzanev studied graphic art at the National Art Academy of Sofia until 1992, and was awarded a doctorate in the history of art in 1999. He is a professor of the psychology of art at the National Academy of Arts of Sofia. From 2001 to 2011 he dedicated himself primarily to the psychological forms of drawing with white on photographic surfaces and in real spaces.

Solo exhibitions:
Unbroken Tools, Center of Visual and Multisensory Art “Eastern 48”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2012. Empathic Tools, Rajko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011. Unpredictably Transparent, Atelie Plastelin Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010. Ectoplastic Drawings and Installations, National Center for Contemporary Art “Shipka 6”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2009. Exercises in Perfection, Irida Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006

Group exhibitions:
Unlimited, M-Tel Awards for Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Benchmark Business Center, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011. Shortlist – Gaudenz B. Ruf Award, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2008. Visual Immortality VI, Projektraum M54, Basel, 2007. Donumenta 2005, Regensburg, Germany, 2005. Transformation of Reality into Ideology, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005