Recorded Memories

Allagi, 2007
22 cardboards

Vangelis Vlahos: "The word allagi (change) was the main slogan of the 1981 election campaign of the Socialist Party (PASOK). It became a concrete point of reference for the time of political, social and cultural change after the end of the dictatorship. In 2007 the project Allagi (1981) attempted to gain a specific reading of the first nine months of the PASOK government using visual material that had been extracted from the archive of the right-leaning newspaper Eleftheros Kosmos (Free World). This work covers the period from the electoral victory of the PASOK in October 1981 until June 1982, when Eleftheros Kosmos ceased. The photographs and newsreel images from this period are presented in the form of a calendar, without making a selection or intervening in the chronology. The work attempts to explore the many-layered term ‘change’, its historical and current connotations, through the arbitrary narrative created in this way."


Vangelis Vlahos
Born 1971 in Athens, Greece; lives in Athens

Vlahos uses research methods and archive material to create a network of references and relationships that rethinks the socio-political issues of the recent past of his country.

Solo exhibitions:
Current Pasts (with Ivan Grubanov), National Museum of Contemporary Art – EMST, Athens, Greece, 2012. No event for Monday, Feb 15, 1999, The Breeder, Athens, Greece, 2011

Group exhibitions:
The End of Money, Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2011.Monodrome, 3rd Athens Biennial, Greece, 2011. 11th Istanbul Biennial, 2009. Monument to transformation, City Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2009.27th São Paulo Biennale, Brasilia, 2006.Manifesta 5, San Sebastian, Spain, 2004. 3rd Berlin Biennial, Germany, 2004