War and Peace

War and Peace in the Balkans

The exhibition War and Peace in the Balkans presents the work of five photographers who captured the reality of war and life in the Balkans from 1914 to 1918, showing us a world still largely unknown even to this day. The American Lewis Hine photographed child victims of war, while Ariel Varges, also American, recorded the city of Salonica at the time when the multinational army of the Triple Entente was stationed there. The Russian photographer Sampson Tchernoff followed the epic retreat of the Serbian Army through the mountains of Albania, while two anonymous photographers from the German and French Army revealed everyday life in the Balkans in wartime, and war crimes against civilians.

In twelve short films, leading historians from eight countries guide us through the experience of the war in South Eastern Europe. “The key strategic points of World War I are in the Balkans,” says Misha Glenny. “A lot of blood was shed in the Balkans. This is little recorded.” In Germany and France, approximately 4% of the population perished. But in the Balkans, the numbers are much higher – shockingly so. Innocent villagers were hanged in reprisal for partisan raids; entire towns were emptied to serve the labour needs of the military occupiers; and hundreds of thousands were forcibly uprooted or killed. Millions died from malnutrition and disease, found themselves stateless or became orphans.

In addition to the twelve short films and to the exhibition, War and Peace in the Balkans consists of a documentary film, a catalogue and an educational programme for children.


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    Andreas Apostolidis (c) Andreas Apostolidis
    Andreas Apostolidis (c) Andreas Apostolidis

    Andreas Apostolidis

    • Andreas Apostolidis is an award-winning documentary director and writer in Greece.
    • His documentaries include War & Peace in the Balkans (2014, in production); Silent Balkans (2012); Twice a Stranger: The Treaty of Lausanne (2012 ERT, RIK, co-director) and Twice a Stranger: The Division of Cyprus (2012 ERT, RIK, co-director), which he wrote, edited and directed. Exploring forced migration, social change and war.
    • A Place Without People (2010) about national parks and the displacement of indigenous people, won numerous awards at festivals across the world.


    Christina Koulori 2014 (c) Christina Koulouri
    Christina Koulori 2014 (c) Christina Koulouri

    Christina Koulouri

    • Historical advisor for War & Peace in the Balkans, she is Professor in Modern and Contemporary History at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens, Greece).
    • Chair of the History Education Committee of the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe.
    • She is author of several books and articles on the teaching of history, the history of historiography, school textbooks, national identity and the history of sports.
    • She is also the editor of four workbooks (alternative educational materials) for the teaching of modern and contemporary history in Southeast Europe.


    Rea Apostolides (c) 2012 Yuri Averof, Anemon Productions
    Rea Apostolides (c) 2012 Yuri Averof, Anemon Productions

    Rea Apostolides

    • Rea Apostolides produces documentaries for the international market for Anemon Productions in Athens, Greece.
    • Recent work as a producer includes Kismet (2013, IDFA Mid-Length Documentary Award Finalist/ Al Jazeera, ARTE, SVT, YLE, RTS, Knowledge Channel, Channel 8, BTV, MRT, CYBC); Little Land (2013, ERT, ARTE, DR, ORF); Sayome (2011, ERT, ARTE).
    • In 2012‒3, Rea also produced Twice a Stranger and A Balkan Tale, cross-platforms aiming to reduce conflict by impacting on public perceptions of history.
    • She is currently the Deputy Head of the Board of Documentary Campus and a member of the EDN Executive Committee.
    • Co-organiser of CineDoc, a documentary festival in Greece.


    Yuri Averof (c) 2013 Yuri Averof, Anemon Productions
    Yuri Averof (c) 2013 Yuri Averof, Anemon Productions

    Yuri Averof

    • Yuri Averof has produced numerous award-winning documentaries including Kismet and Little Land that won several awards including two at the 2013 Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival.
    • He co-wrote and co-directed 1821, a docu-drama series about the Greek Revolution (2010, SKAI TV, co-director, editor) and Sayome amongst many other productions.
    • He produced and led the design of Anemon’s multimedia exhibitions Twice a Stranger and A Balkan Tale.


    Leonidas Liambeys (c) 2014 Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, Anemon Productions
    Leonidas Liambeys (c) 2014 Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, Anemon Productions

    Leonidas Liambeys

    • Working full time at Anemon Productions since 2008, he has been involved in the production of over 10 documentaries.
    • An archive researcher and production manager, he helped design and organise Anemon’s multimedia exhibition Twice a Stranger with partners in the UK, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus and museums in Sweden and Germany.
    • He was responsible for the production of the exhibition A Balkan Tale with partners in five cities in Southeast Europe.