Film Programme



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    ChopShots Documentary showcases 60 exciting documentary films from around the world, of which 43 focus on Southeast Asia, and presents new talents from this region. The focus of the festival is set on Southeast Asia and new films from and about Southeast Asia are screened, alongside some of the best recent productions from around the world.

    The films we selected tell stories about many different peoples and places; besides Southeast Asia, they come from Russia, China, Europe, the Americas, South Asia, Asia Pacific. However, they speak a universal language not just in the way they have been made, but in terms of content as well. Many of the stories deal with hardships and suffering. They offer us a bleak outlook on the state of the world at the beginning of the 21st century: whether it is the acknowledgement that children need to leave home in order to go to school and the traditional life in the Russian Tundra is over, or whether it is a family suffering from poverty in Indonesia, these documentaries speak of reality without illusions. Obviously the levels of injustice, poverty and suffering differ and the scale is not balanced, yet the struggle is the same, David vs. Goliath, the people vs. their own governments—this is a common theme throughout many, though not all, of the films that we selected.

    Yet, all is not lost! There is hope in these stories and the films never fail to entertain. The documentaries of our particular ChopShots selection take us on a journey into their particular world. We feel with the protagonists who stand up and speak out, who take their lives into their own hands and proactively seek change, hopefully for the better!

    Let yourselves be inspired by the stories of these extraordinary people!