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    Jury Prizes

    Best International Documentary
    1 Best Sea Shorts
    2 Best Sea Shorts
    € 5,000
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    € 1,500
    Audience Award
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    Best DocNet Campus Project
    € 500
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    Jury International Competition

    Ayu UtamiAyu Utami (Indonesia)
    Novelist/ Director of Salihara Literary Biennale, Jakarta
    Ayu Utami was a Prince Claus laureate in the year 2000 for broadening the horizons of Indonesian literature. Her novels won awards within Indonesia and in the South East Asia region, and have been translated into eight languages. During the military regime she worked as a reporter and joined a group of young journalists to establish The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) that fought for press freedom and democracy. She writes novels, nonfiction, screenplays and a weekly column in a newspaper.
    Enrique Sánchez LanschEnrique Sánchez Lansch (Germany)
    Documentary Filmmaker
    Enrique Sánchez Lansch studied music, majoring in singing, mainly opera, as well as Romance and German Philology and Philosophy, writing his master’s thesis on film adaptation of literature. He started as an assistant director and later studied film at Columbia University, New York, and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He is based in Berlin working as a writer and director of award winning documentaries such as “Rhythm is it!”, “The Reichsorchester”, “The Promise of Music”, “Piano Encounters” and “Overture 1912”.
    Garin NugrohoGarin Nugroho (Indonesia)
    A well-known director in Indonesian cinemascape, Garin has made a lot of films which have been screened in festivals all over the world. He has been working with a wide range of different topics and various cultural resources. His films are acclaimed for their ability to show conflicts and socio-cultural problems in Indonesia using various forms of cultural expression from Indonesia such as Wayang (Shadow Puppets) and Sendratari (dance theater). Some of his films that achieved national and international recognition are” Daun di Atas Bantal”, “Bulan Tertusuk Ilalang”, “Opera Jawa”, and his most recent film “Soegija”.
    Khavn de la CruzKhavn de la Cruz (The Philippines)
    Filmmaker/ Composer/ Writer
    Considered the father of Philippine digital filmmaking, Khavn has served as jury member at the Berlinale and many other festivals. He has 34 features and more than a hundred short films under his belt, has been selected thrice in the National Writers Workshop, five of his books have been published, including “Ultraviolins”, which is hailed the first postmodern book of stories in Filipino. He is also an award-winning musician and has internationally performed his original compositions. Khavn is now the president of Kamias Road Ltd., an independent film, music, and publishing company, and the festival director of .MOV International Film, Music, & Literature Festival, the first digital film festival in the Philippines.
    Pimpaka TowiraPimpaka Towira (Thailand)
    Producer/ Filmmaker
    Recognised as the first female Thai director to come to the attention of international viewers and critics, Pimpaka has made a number of experimental short films, mostly depicting women's issues. Her debut feature, “One Night Husband” premiered in the International Forum of New Cinema at the Berlin International Film Festival 2003. She has made documentaries such as “The Truth Be Told”, and produced documentaries by young talents, including “The Agrarian Utopia” by Uruphong Raksasad. In 2009, Pimpaka was named a Silpathorn Award honouree for film from the Ministry of Culture.

    Jury SEA Best Shorts

    Christine HilleChristine Hille (Germany)
    Documentary Film Festival DOK Leipzig
    Christine Hille studied in the Creative Producers Course at the German Film School in Berlin (dffb) and graduated with “The Balkan Champion”, an award winning documentary by Réka Kincses. She worked as production assistant and production manager for several companies before starting to work as a freelance creative producer. Her first international co-production was “PianoMania” by Robert Cibis and Lilian Franck, which premiered internationally at the Locarno Film Festival. In 2008 she started to work as a coordinator of the DOK Industry offers at DOK Leipzig before becoming head of the department in 2009.
    John BadaluJohn Badalu (Indonesia)
    Festival Programmer
    One of the founders of Q! Film Festival in Indonesia—the only queer film festival in a predominantly Muslim country—John Badalu has been active in the film festival scene for many years. He has been involved in film programming for film festivals such as Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival and the Traffic Film Festival and functions as the Festival Delegate for Berlin Film Festival for Southeast Asia. In addition to working as a publicist for most Indonesian films, he's also started to produce feature length films like Paul Agusta's “Parts of the Heart” and Yosep Anggi Noen's “Peculiar Vacation and Other Illnesses”.
    Riri RizaRiri Riza (Indonesia)
    Riri Riza is the Director of award-winning films “Eliana, Eliana”, “Gie”, “Three Days to Forever” and “The Rainbow Troops”. The leading film director of post reform Indonesian cinema is known for his ability to push the limits of genre convention and achieve box office success. He is also the founder of SEAscreenAcademy, an East Indonesian filmmaker’s fellowship program held in Makassar South Sulawesi.