Awards Winner

    Best International Documentary
    CHAR… the no man's island
    by Sourav Sarangi
    © Sourav Sarangi"Char draws together the humanity problems of epic scale (encompassing social, cultural, economic, and political problems) with the private life of its characters. With an abundant collection of strong scenes and impressive pictures, it goes deep into the universal intimacy among family and community members, at the same time reveals the intricate political and cultural structure in the border of India and Bangladesh. It is a story of love, responsibility, despair, and hope interwoven together within a very meticulous cinematography."

    2nd Best International Documentary
    Denok & Gareng
    by D.S. Nugraheni
    © DS Nugraheni"Through knowledgeable use of strong story telling devices and structure, this remarkable documentary takes us swiftly on an emotionally engaging journey into the protagonists’ world. We witness the challenges of Denok and Gareng’s everyday life which gives us food for thought about universal issues such as family bonds, education and the responsibility for the future of a younger generation."

    Jury Special Mention
    Blush of Fruit
    by Jakeb Anhvu
    "For its strong subject—depicting shocking child abuse—tackles an ongoing issue that needs to be exposed in a way which does not allow the audience to turn away."

    Tondo, Beloved: To What Are the Poor Born?
    by Jewel Maranan
    "For tackling with beautiful restraint a subject that is often exoticized and the economy of the storytelling mirroring honestly, but intimately, the quiet simplicity of despair."

    Best SEA Short Documentary
    The Hills are Alive
    by Steve Pillar Setiabudi
    "For it’s poetic visual in showing suffering, but capturing the hope and strength of the community. It also shows the bigger picture of human acceptance of getting and losing."

    2nd Best SEA Short Documentary
    The Social Game
    by Seng Mai
    "For the unique point of view of a refugee camp in depicting happiness of the children, in the light of the absence of fathers towards an uncertain future."

    Audience Award
    The Cheer Ambassadors
    by Luke Cassady-Dorion

    Traveling Grant
    Received by Ditsi Carolino