Aryo Danusiri

AryoAryo Danusiri, born in Jakarta in 1973, is a video artist, an anthropologist, and the filmmaker of Ragam Media Network, a Jakarta based institution that develops visual media as a catalyst for cross-cultural learning and community knowledge management.

His works have been exploring the circulations of new keywords, violence and memory in reconfiguring political and social landscape of post-authoritarian Indonesian 1998. Those works have been premiered at various festivals, including Rotterdam, Amnesty Amsterdam, Mead Festival, Nyon and Yamagata "New Asia Current." His first feature length documentary, Playing Between Elephants, was awarded "Movies That Matters for Best Human Rights Film" at Jakarta International Film Festival 2007 and "Best Documentary" at Brussels Independent IFF.

In 2005, he finished his Master's Degree in Visual Cultural Studies from Tromsø University, Norway. At present, he is doing his Ph.D. in the Media Anthropology program, with a secondary field in Critical Media Practice at Harvard University.

On BroadwayPlaying Between Elephants

Film list:

  • The Fold, 2011, Documentary
  • On Broadway, 2011, Documentary
  • Playing Between Elephants, 2007, Documentary
  • Langkah Awal (The First Step) (2006)
  • Lukas’ Moment, 2005, Documentary
  • Bunga & Tembok, 2004, Documentary (Cameraperson)
  • Langit Diaku Bapak, Bumi Diaku Ibu: Kisah Perjuangan Suku Talang Mamak-Riau, 2003, Documentary
  • Abrakadabra! (Abracadabra), 2003, Documentary
  • Penyair Negeri Linge (The Poet of Linge Homeland), 2000, Documentary
  • Kambing Kampung Kena Pukul (Village Goat Takes The Beating), 1999, Documentary


  • “Global Prayers” group exhibition at the 2012 NGBK Gallery, Berlin for THE FOLD
  • Best Documentary at the 2008 Brussels Independent International Film Festival, Belgia for PLAYING BETWEEN ELEPHANTS
  • Selected for In Competition section at the 2008 Vision du Réel, Switzerland for PLAYING BETWEEN ELEPHANTS
  • Winner of Movies That Matters Award for Best Human Rights Film at the 2007 Jakarta International Film Festival, Indonesia for PLAYING BETWEEN ELEPHANTS
  • Selected for In Competition section at the 2007 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan for PLAYING BETWEEN ELEPHANTS
  • Best Student Film Prize at the 2005 RAI International Ethnographic Film Festival, Oxford, UK for LUKAS’ MOMENT

Aryo Danusiri
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