Lida Chan

© Lida ChanLida Chan was born in Cambodia in 1980, gained her Diploma in Journalism at the Universitaire d’Enseignement du Journalisme à Strasbourg (CUEJ) in 2004 before returning to her home country to work for Radio France Internationale (RFI) as a Cambodian correspondent and also as a research analyst for Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center.

After 4 years, she decided to take up professional training in documentary film making with the Franco-Khmer Filmmaker Rithy Panh and also made her first documentary film “My Yesterday Night”. Her second documentary “Red Wedding” talks about forced marriages in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge period.

Film list:

  • My Yesterday Night, 2010, Documentary, 20 min. (Screening in the International Festival of the Film of Cambodia 2010,  Screening in the Festival of Vesou, France 2011)
  • Red Wedding, 2011, Documentary (in production), 90min. (Grants selection in 25th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Grants from Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program 2011)

Lida Chan
Phone: +855 89508920